Technologies to counter climate change

The United Nations Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, published its 3rd Interim Report on Monday, April 4, 2022. It comes from Working Group III, which works on adapting to climate change, methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Socelleanlæg på DTU Risø Campus
Picture of the solar park on Risø Campus. The park is 2 hectares and produces electricity corresponding to approx. The annual consumption of 120 households, when the gain is taken into account, is that it is bifacial solar cells that harvest sun from both the front and the back. Photo: DTU Photonics.

The IPCC report focuses on the possible technologies that can counteract the climate change we are experiencing. DTU works with several technology areas that can counteract climate change.

The report from the UN Climate Panel were presented at a press conference. Watch the stream of the press conference here.

Technology areas

DTU works with several technology areas that counteract climate change.


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