Focus on diversity and equal opportunities for all

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important prerequisites for ensuring that DTU meets its ambition of achieving ground-breaking research and teaching for the benefit of society. Therefore, DTU holds workshops in the DTU departments, creating a framework for diversity and equal opportunities for all.

DTU Chemistry contacted Deniz Atan to talk about inclusion. Photo: Stamers Kontor.


Since 2021, DTU has increased its focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity and has prepared a DE&I plan that meets EU requirements. At DTU, diversity extends beyond gender, encompassing inclusion and equal opportunities for all. This aligns with DTU's strategy to develop technology for all people and to be a place of study and research for everyone who can and wants to.

Efforts to foster diversity involve, among other initiatives, training HR partners in bias-conscious management to assist university units in recruiting new staff. Furthermore, all DTU managers are provided with competence development in inclusive leadership and bias-conscious recruitment.

Read more about DTU's work with diversity, equality, and inclusion in the Sustainability Report 2023 (In Danish).