Yaolei Zhang and Donna
11 OCT

Obese pigs help us understand human obesity

Mapping of the complete genome of the obesity-prone Ossabaw pig gives new hope for further insights into human obesity and associated diseases

Genes and genomes Health and diseases Medicine and medico technology
27 SEP

Promising low-cost method for rapid Covid-19 detection

DTU Health Tech researchers develop a method for detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA with the ability to be designed to detect other diseases.

Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Viruses
Electronic Glove_Flappy Bird
21 SEP

Electronic glove and gaming make rehabilitation fun

Gamification is part of the strategy when students at DTU moves health technology towards the market.

Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
Bax Lindhardt
21 SEP

Spin-out expands with quick tests and antigen tests

The spin-out company BluSense Diagnostics can use Blu-ray for rapid diagnosis of dengue fever and to measure immune response after COVID-19 vaccination.

Medicine and medico technology
01 SEP

AI from DTU to help diagnose epilepsy

Algorithm to ensure the quality of EEG examinations so more epilepsy patients in low middle income countries can receive treatment.

Data analysis Software and programming Mathematical modelling Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
15 JUL

Algorithm can detect biomarker in aggressive breast cancer

Jeppe Thagaard has developed a mathematical model for use in automated image analysis of tissue samples. The model provides the possibility for better and more similar...

Cells Image analysis Computer calculations Data analysis Software and programming Mathematical analysis Mathematical modelling Health and diseases
Figures from: Automated Quantification of sTIL Density with H&E-Based Digital Image Analysis Has Prognostic Potential in Triple-Negative Breast Cancers
15 JUL

Algoritme kan opdage biomarkør i aggressiv brystkræft

Jeppe Thagaard har udviklet en matematisk model, der automatisk kan foretage billedanalyser af vævsprøver. På sigt vil det kunne gøre kræ...

Cells Computer calculations Image analysis Data analysis Software and programming Mathematical analysis $name Health and diseases
Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl
30 JUN

Corona restrictions lead to fewer cases of foodborne illness

In 2020, far fewer Danes than usual were diagnosed with a foodborne illness. The sharp reduction in travel during the corona epidemic was the main reason for this decrease...

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases
Tang fra Grønland. Foto: Katharina Johanna Kreissig, DTU Fødevareinstituttet
10 JUN

Greenlandic seaweed, a sustainable alternative to imported greens

Seaweed grown in Greenland is a safe, healthy and sustainable food source that could replace up to 20% of the country’s import of vegetables, according to a study...

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases
Photo: Trine Berg, Berg Film
03 MAY

Passionate lecturer with an eye for the individual

Bastian Epp is passionate about eliciting that special look a student gets when they understand the nature of something complex. And he’ll go to great lengths to...

Medicine and medico technology
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