Picture from DTU RoboCup 2019 (Photo: Joachim Rode)
05 AUG

H.C. Ørsted's discovery of electromagnetism characterizes this year's DTU RoboCup

The DTU RoboCup competition offers a new obstacle that includes the interaction between magnets and electricity that Ørsted discovered. In addition, the participating...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
Foto: Mikal Schlosser
28 JUL

Impressive admission to DTU’s study programmes

DTU’s 38 study programmes have once again seen an increase in admissions. 2,641 new students will start at DTU compared to 2,426 last year—an increase of 9...

Microbes pave way for green flight
21 JUL

Microbes pave way for green flight

Instead of burning biowaste, we should let microorganisms turn waste into CO2-neutral fuel, chemicals, and proteins.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Air pollution
E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels
16 JUL

E-fuels can replace fossil fuels

The aircraft, ships, and lorries of the future must be powered by e-fuels—fuels produced partly from captured CO2—and partly from hydrogen produced by the splitting...

Biogas into methanol in a container
14 JUL

Biogas to be converted into methanol

Sustainable fuel has moved a big step closer with a new demonstration plant that can convert biogas into the liquid fuel methanol.

Bioenergy Energy production
Foto: Mikal Schlosser
13 JUL

Presenting tomorrow’s European engineering education

In a new European educational partnership, engineers will be trained to solve some of society’s major challenges from a holistic point of view.

More biofuel from same amount of biomass
09 JUL

More biofuel from same amount of biomass

It is possible to produce much more biofuel from the same amount of biomass by combining electrolysis with biomass gasification.

Photo: Accelerbiotics
08 JUL

Using gene technology to trace coronavirus

Danish biotech start-up will use technology to purify genetic materials to screen and analyse coronavirus test samples.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Photo: Lindholm
07 JUL

Fire at Lindholm is under control

No reports of personal injury on the island of Lindholm, where a fire broke out this morning.

Ev charging (Photo: Colourbox)
07 JUL

New invention may ensure more efficient renewable energy storage

A just completed research project has developed a new and much more efficient way of converting energy from wind power and solar cells to—for example—battery...

Energy storage Electrotechnology Electronics Energy Electrochemistry
Foto Bax Lindhardt
06 JUL

Unprecedented number of applications for DTU studies

DTU has received significantly more applications this year, and there has also been an increase in applicants listing a DTU study programme as their first priority.

Manon Petit
03 JUL

First MSc graduates in Solar Energy at DTU

Diplomas are now being issued to the first graduates from DTU’s Solar Energy study line, which is a new specialization under the MSc programme Sustainable Energy

Solar energy Energy Energy production
Ammende kvinde
03 JUL

New study sets the stage for the next generation milk formula

Researchers at DTU have shown for the first time that breast milk promotes a core group of health beneficial bacteria of the adult gut microbiota, setting the stage for...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Health-promoting compounds
Photo: Printed vegi salmon to the left held with chopstick and real salmon to the right.
30 JUN

Students will market 3D printed fish

Students from the EU-led research project Training4CRM and DTU have developed a technique for 3D printing fish such as salmon and tuna.

Food, fish and agriculture Fish and shellfish Food production Food technology CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaption Innovation and product development
30 JUN

New method facilitates the way to finding new antibodies

Associate Professor Andreas Laustsen has developed a new method to quickly detect new broad-spectrum antibodies against snake venom. The method can also be used to find...

The new solution for measuring wastewater developed by the students.
30 JUN

Students develop new method to measure wastewater

A group of DTU students has developed a simple solution to measure how much rainwater flows into sewers from roads and roofs. Now they are getting ready to start a business...

Foto Joachim Rode
26 JUN

DTU appoints new Head of Department at DTU Space

As new head of DTU Space, Henning Skriver will further develop the department's high, professional level.

Kræn Vodder Busk på vej til test på et containerskib (Photo: MAN Diesel & Turbo)
25 JUN

New international award for research on black smoke from ships

A research collaboration between DTU Electrical Engineering and MAN Energy Solutions on limiting ships' emission of black smoke and NOx has received a new international...

Robot technology and automation Electrotechnology Air pollution Environment and pollution
25 JUN

Machine learning predicts side effects from chemotherapy

In collaboration with Rigshospitalet, researchers from DTU Health Technology have developed a machine learning model that can predict chemotherapy-associated nephrotoxicity...

Medicine and medico technology Data analysis
Bente Højlund Hyldegaard was based at this contaminated industrial site in Skovlunde, where she performed tests using contaminated groundwater. Photo Mikal Schlosser
24 JUN

Young researcher treats groundwater using electric current

Bente Højlund Hyldegaard has developed a unique method for removing harmful chemicals from groundwater without pumping it up. The work sent her into the final of...

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