Jerome Chenevez

Associate Professor

Jerome Chenevez

National Space Institute

Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics


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Jerome Chenevez


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Astrophysicist, Associate Professor.Head of studies for the MSc in Earth and Space Physics & Engineering Current main research activities: X-ray astrophysics, in particular observational and theoretical investigations of thermonuclear X-ray bursts from accreting neutron stars in low-mass X-ray binaries. Project supervisor and lecturer for diverse courses. Main responsible of the DTU courses "Astrofysik" (30120 BSc), "Observational X-ray Astrophysics" (30790 MSc), "Astrophysical Data Analyses" (30794 MSc). Main Publications Astrophysics Galloway D., in't Zand J., Chenevez J., et al., The Multi INstrument Burst ARchive (MINBAR), The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 249, 32, (astro-ph/2003.00685) Chenevez J., Galloway D., in't Zand J., et al., A soft X-ray episode for the Clocked Burster GS 1826-24 as measured by Swift and NuSTAR, The Astrophysical Journal, vol. 818, p. 135 (astro-ph/1509.01248) Chenevez J., Altamirano D., Galloway D., et al., Puzzling thermonuclear burst behaviour from the transient low-mass X-ray binary IGR J17473-2721, MNRAS, Vol. 410, p.179, 2011 (astro-ph/1007.5201) Chenevez J., Falanga M., Kuulkers E., et al., IGR J17254, a new bursting neutron star. Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 469, p. L27, 2007 Chenevez J.,  Falanga M., Brandt S., et al., Two phase X-ray burst from GX 3+1 observed by INTEGRAL. Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 449, p. L5, 2006 Chenevez J., Falanga M., Kuulkers E., et al.,  INTEGRAL monitoring of unusually long X-ray bursts. Proceedings of Science, 2008 (astro-ph/0811.0904) Falanga M., Chenevez J., Cumming A., et al., Intermediate long X-ray bursts from the ultra-compact binary source SLX 1737-282. Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol 484, p. 43, 2008   Meteorology Chenevez J.,  Baklanov A., and J. H. Sørensen, Pollutant Transport Schemes Integrated in a Numerical Weather Prediction Model: Model description and Verification Results, Meteorological Applications, 11, p. 265, 2004. Chenevez J.,  Baklanov A., Sørensen J.H., ETEX simulations with DMI-HIRLAM Numerical Weather Prediction model, In: Air Pollution Modelling and its Application XV, Kluwer Academics/Plenum Publishers, 2002. Chenevez J. and Jensen, C. Ø., Operational ozone forecasts for the region of Copenhagen by the Danish Meteorological Institute, Atmospheric Environment, 35 (27), p. 4567, 2001. Geophysics Chenevez J., Machetel Ph., and Nicolas A., Numerical models of magma chambers in the Oman ophiolite. Journal of Geophysical Research, 103, p. 15443, 1998. Chenevez J. and Nicolas A., Crustal feeding in the Oman ophiolite: from the top and from the bottom? A thermal and mass balance model. Geophysical Research Letters, 24, p. 1811, 1997. Chenevez J., Modélisation numérique des chambres magmatiques sous les dorsales océaniques rapides à partir de données ophiolitiques et marines.Thèse d'Université, Montpellier 2, France , 130 pp., 1996.