Julia Kirch Kirkegaard

Associate Professor

Julia Kirch Kirkegaard

Department of Wind and Energy Systems

DTU Wind Energy Systems Division (WES),

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 115 Room S23

4000 Roskilde




I am a Market Sociologist of Technology, Research, and Innovation, specialising primarily in Actor-Network Theory and Valuation Studies within Science & Technology Studies (STS). I have a PhD from Copenhagen Business School (funded by the Sino-Danish Center for Research & Education) along with Postdoc positions at DTU Wind Energy and Stanford University. My main interest is to try to understand how new technologies are developed, and to explore how seemingly ‘sustainable’ mundane technologies such as wind turbines become legitimized or contested by heterogeneous actors. In my research I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork to shed light on socio-technical controversies over wind power development in a Chinese, Danish, and American context, e.g. as they unfold in Sino-foreign R&D collaborations and over the social acceptability of a transformed Danish wind power sector. I have also explored the role of community engagement in a Californian context, by examining the rise of Community Choice Aggregators. I am currently engaged in the following research projects:Principal Investigator of the Co-Green Project (Independent Research Fund Denmark) on the politicization of wind turbine noise Sub-project Leader of EXPO-GREEN Project (Independent Research Fund Denmark, led by Professor Peter Karnøe, AAU) on the (de)legitimization of different energy sources as ‘sustainable’ over time, and the role of expertise in problematizing the value of energy resourcesSub-project Leader of Isomorphic Differences project (Independent Research Fund Denmark, led by Professor Alan Irwin, CBS) comparing Research & Innovation policies of Denmark, China, and the U.S. In addition, I am involved in the EU-project GreenHyScale on P2X (HORIZON2020), DANIDA project JUSTIN on renewable energy in Indonesia.