Lisbeth M. Ottosen

Professor, head of section for Materials and Durability

Lisbeth M. Ottosen

Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering


Building 118 Room 159

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Circular Economy Electrokinetic processes Construction materials

Recovery of resources from secondary sources (todays waste) is the overarching research theme. There are two major lines in the research: (I) Recovery of elemental resources such as nutrients and heavy metals. The research is carried out in multidisciplinary environments where electrochemistry is used in untraditional manners to solve different types of problems. The research is mainly experimentally based and includes both laboratory work and work in pilot scale. Recent years have focused on urban mining of e.g. phosphorous from sewage sludge ash and heavy metals from e.g. soil municipal solid waste incineration ashes. (II) Utilization of secondary resources in the production of construction materials. Research on secondary resources as supplementary cementitious materials in concrete or as partly clay replacement in brick manufacturing. The secondary resources are e.g. ashes, mine tailings, finely grinded bricks. The research also includes the use of secondary fibers for fiber reinforcement of concrete and recycled concrete aggregates in new concrete. Lead on the Department of Civil Engineering focus area “Circularity in civil Engineering”, and lead professor at DTUs sector development project on “Circular Construction 2019-2020". Member of Academic Council at DTU from 2018.