David Lusseau


David Lusseau

National Institute of Aquatic Resources

Section for Ecosystem based Marine Management

Henrik Dams Allé

Building 201 Room 059

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




human ecology quantitative governance Decision making under uncertainty population ecology behavioural science Decision support systems Sustainability science Global environmental impacts Numerical modeling of complex systems Marine ecology conservation ecology Complex Adaptive Systems marine mammal ecology

I am a sustainability scientist interested in estimating the conservation and sustainability impacts of human disturbances on wildlife and habitats. This involves also assessing the best governance and management actions needed to maintain sustainable exploitation patterns given the socioecological contexts in which human encroach on wild environments. I work across a range of fields to address these questions and currently maintain two main lines of enquiries: 1. using biological insights and mathematical models to understand the contexts in which the exposure of wildlife to multiple stressors will have consequences for the conservation status of their population. 2. developing computational human ecology to understand the drivers of decisions in human-wildlife interactions and how to best manage them to yield sustainable outcomes. Studies focus on marine sustainability, that is we carry out research to determine how we can maximise the contributions of blue economies for people and their environment.