Per Christian Hansen


Per Christian Hansen

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Asmussens Allé

Building 303B Room 114

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Per Christian Hansen


Computational methods for inverse problems Iterative regularization Computational uncertainty quantification Numerical Analysis Matlab packages Matrix computations Regularization methods

Per Christian Hansen is a VILLUM Investigator and his research focuses on computational methods for the solution of inverse problems in, e.g., tomography and image deblurring. Recently his reseach also involves computational methods for uncertainty quantification of inverse problems. His h-index is 54 (2024) and he is a SIAM Fellow. Per Christian Hansen is professor of Scientific Computing at the Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling (DTU Compute). He was awarded the Danish Dr. Techn. doctoral degree in 1996 from DTU in the area of numerical analysis. He has spent several research visits at American universities, such as Stanford University, UCLA, Emory University, and Tufts University. Per Christian Hansen teaches numerical methods and inverse problems.  He has published 5 books on numerical methods and inverse problems and more than 120 scientific papers in international journals.