Sara Monteiro Pires

Senior Researcher

Sara Monteiro Pires

DTU National Food Institute

Research Group for Risk-Benefit

Henrik Dams Allé

Building 201 Room 104

2800 Kgs. Lyngby



Sara Monteiro Pires


Burden of Disease Food safety Source attribution Risk assessment Salmonella Foodborne zoonoses

I am a senior researcher at the Risk-benefit Research Group of the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Head of PhD School at DTU Food. My overall research goals are to improve risk management and decision-making in public health and food safety policy through data analysis, epidemiology, and a range of multidisciplinary approaches. My research activities focus on applying health metrics and burden of disease models, and on quantitative risk and risk-benefit assessments to provide evidence for national, regional, and international public health policy. I am a member of the World Health Organization Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (WHO/FERG), where I am chair of the Source Attribution Task Force. I hold an MS degree in Veterinary Medicine and a PhD degree in Epidemiology.