Tine Hald


Tine Hald

DTU National Food Institute

Research Group for Risk-Benefit

Henrik Dams Allé

Building 201 Room 032

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Tine Hald


Salmonella Source attribution Surveillance Zoonosis Epidemiology Risk assessment

I am leading a research group working within the area of foodborne disease epidemiology and risk modelling   Themain research area is the epidemiology, surveillance and control of foodborne zoonoses including antimicrobial resistance in foodborne pathogens in the whole production chain.   Activities involve the planning and performance of quantitative risk assessments, temporal-spatial analysis, risk factor studies and development of new approaches for Quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) and human illness source attribution.   The group is also  responsible for the annual source attribution estimates for Salmonella (the Danish Salmonella Source Account).   A main responsibility is to give scientifically-based advice to veterinary and food authorities, farmers’ and consumers organisations, and international organisations such as EFSA and WHO.   My work also includes teaching and supervision of PhD students and under- and postgraduate students, and I am currently co-responsible of an international Summer School on One Health.