DTU International Energy Report series

DTU International Energy Report 2021
Perspectives on Wind Energy

The history of modern wind energy has demonstrated the impressive development in cost reduction, scale, capacity and deployment driven by an intelligent combination of technological development and policies.

Today we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the development of wind energy towards a technology that will take on the responsibility for contributing significantly to reaching a low-carbon energy system. The future development will be even more dramatic and will need ambitious and continuous public and private investment in RD&D, as well as strong cooperation in the further development of wind energy technologies and systems.

In DTU International Energy Report 2021, DTU Wind Energy presents our RD&D perspectives on how wind energy can accelerate the energy transition.

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DTU International Energy Report 2019
Transforming Urban Mobility

DTU International Energy Report 2019 focuses on sustainable mobility and transport systems in cities. The transport sector connects people across space and enables goods to be exchanged, but it also consumes energy, contributes heavily to CO2 emissions and local air pollution, and thereby imposes tremendous human and economic costs on society.

Cities require mobility solutions that are sustainable, affordable, secure, inclusive and integrated with the wider urban infrastructure and services, the ultimate objective being to create liveable and sustainable cities. For this to happen, a systemic transformation is needed, which must take place in the intersection between technology, infrastructure, multi-mode mobility and behavioral changes..

This is summarized in three related areas: how to avoid unnecessary transport; how to shift to eco-efficient modes of transport;s and how to improve technologies, fuels and infrastructure. The report also addresses future educational needs in the area of urban mobility and presents a network analysis of the areas of research that are influencing urban mobility solutions.

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DTU International Energy Report 2018
Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution - Perspectives on Innovation Challenges

In light of the urgent climate and energy challenges, innovation and the deployment of sustainable energy technologies are crucial for accelerating the energy revolution. International cooperation on energy technologies is particularly important if this transformation is to succeed. The question is not whether to cooperate internationally, but rather how much, with whom, on what, and how. Therefore, Mission Innovation was widely welcomed when it was launched by 20 countries in the run-up to the Paris Agreement in December 2015. The participating countries undertook to double their public energy research and development funds over five years, and to cooperate on research, capacity building, and interaction with the business community.

DTU International Energy Report 2018 is DTU’s input for Mission Innovation. It includes leading researchers’ perspectives on R&D challenges and needs within seven Innovation Challenges, and covers the entire knowledge-value chain from basic research to demonstration and testing. The report also describes R&D challenges and needs related to energy storage, which we consider essential for the transformation to an energy system with a high proportion of fluctuating energy sources.

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DTU International Energy Report 2016
The Energy-Water-Food Nexus - from local to global perspectives

Water is of crucial importance for the energy sector. Wastewater needs to be treated by using energy-intensive processes. Modern agriculture is based on ample access to both energy and water. Therefore, these three vital sectors must be seen in the context of the so-called energy-water-food nexus. There is a growing pressure on all three sectors as a result of population growth, and climate change is exacerbating this pressure. The DTU International Energy Report 2016 addresses these issues, and analyses the challenges to and opportunities for addressing the three sectors in context, from a local to global level. The aim is to enhance security of supply and sustainability in all three sectors.

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DTU International Energy Report 2015
Energy systems integration for the transition to non-fossil energy systems

In 2015, DTU’s annual energy report focused on the changes in the energy systems which are necessary for the green transition. A change that creates problems for the power grid. However, by allowing the power grid to interact closely with the natural gas network, the district heating network, and the transport system, it paves the way for a fossil-free energy system in future.

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DTU International Energy Report 2014
Wind energy - drivers and barriers for higher shares in the global power generation mix

The report addresses a selection of scientific and technical issues relevant to further increase the share of wind power in the global electricity mix. It covers the assessment and forecasting of wind resources, the development of wind energy technologies, the integration of large amounts of fluctuating wind power in future energy systems, and the economic aspects of wind power.

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