Illustration: Bjarke Laustsen

PhD thesis develops simple and systematic theories for thin imperfect shell structures

Friday 08 Apr 16
New PhD thesis makes theories about thin imperfect shell structures simple and systematic. These structures are used more frequently in structural engineering.

It is possible to develop a relatively simple and consistent theory of stability of thin imperfect shell structures.

That is the overall conclusion in a PhD thesis by Bjarke Laustsen that will be defended on April 15.

The thesis concentrates on thin imperfect shell structures. Some examples of those are eggshells and beer cans.

Thin and slender structures are often used in modern load-bearing structures where the common material is a metal, particularly steel or aluminum. This thesis only deals with stability theory for conservative systems.

A complicated matter made simple and systematic

Stability theory is by many structural engineers considered a difficult and complicated subject. Therefore this thesis has developed a simple and systematic method which only requires knowledge on tensor analysis and elementary calculus of variation.

The PhD defence will take place on Friday April 15 and will be in Danish.