DTU Nanotech spinout MonTA Biosciences to collaborate with American University

Monday 13 Nov 17

The DTU Nanotech spinout company MonTA Biosciences has made a license agreement with University of California San Diego about utilising their promising cancer treatment based on stimulation of the immune system using Toll Like Receptor 7 (TLR7) activators.

UC San Diego is one of the leading institutions within cancer immunotherapy using TLR7 activating compounds. This specific TLR7 agonist is extremely well-suited for delivery in liposomes, and together makes a very potent liposome-therapy for cancer treatment.

The TLR7-liposome treatment teaches the immune system to identify and eliminate cancer cells in combination with existing treatments, leading to education of the immune system of the patients to eliminate metastatic disease.

This collaboration agreement is important for MonTa Biosciences as it is a great step towards development and commercialisation of their immunotherapy treatment for cancer patients,

Read more here (in Danish): http://techsavvy.media/monta-biosciences-indgaar-samarbejde-amerikansk-universitet-ny-lovende-kraeftbehandling/

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