DTAS Meeting 2016

Friday 23 Sep 16


Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech


Pernille Holtegaard
PhD student
DTU Health Tech


Raul Sanchez Lopez
PhD student
DTU Health Tech
On September 9-10, our Hearing Systems group participated in the yearly meeting of the Danish Technical Audiological Society (DTAS).

Every year, international keynote speakers are invited to present their latest research findings. This year, international guests included Graham Naylor from the MRC Institute of Hearing Research in Glasgow and Peter Johannesen from the University of Salamanca, who both gave very inspiring talks. Their talks were especially relevant in the framework of the new Denmark-wide Better Hearing Rehabilitation (BEAR) project that DTU is part of.
There were also several presenters from Hearing Systems this year. Sébastien Santurette gave talks on the topics of pitch perception and musical experience as well as auditory profiling beyond the audiogram.
Pernille Holtegaard, Raul Sanchez, and Sara Al-ward also presented posters of their latest results.

More information about the 2016 DTAS meeting can be found here

Spectro-temporal modulation sensitivity and discrimination in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
Sanchez R, Fereczkowski M, Santurette S, Dau T, Hearing Systems DTU
Investigating noise-induced neural degeneration using high-frequency audiometry and speech intelligibility in noise
Al-ward S, Copenhagen University
Measuring ABR wave l to investigate noise-induced neural degeneration: A technical evaluation
Holtegaard P, Mehraei G, Epp B, Hearing Systems DTU

Industrial exhibitors:
GN Otometrics, Interacoustics, Oticon, Sivantos