Seminar “Post-occupancy Evaluation of Green Buildings: Are they as green as we thought? By Dr Guy Newsham, National Research Council (NRC) Canada

Tuesday 22 Sep 15


Pawel Wargocki
Associate Professor
DTU Civil Engineering
+4545 25 40 11

Dr Guy Newsham presented measurements and results of a post-occupancy evaluation of 12 green and 12 matched conventional office buildings carried by NRC in Canada and the northern US. In these experiments the occupants completed a detailed questionnaire, and NRC staff conducted detailed on-site physical measurements. He also presented the results of this study along with a re-analysis of energy usage data from 100 LEED-certified commercial and institutional buildings. Results showed that green buildings generally have superior performance, but that there are areas for improvement. The papers presenting the results of both analyses were published in Building Research and Information and in Energy and Buildings. Dr. Newsham discussed also on how to assess the broader value proposition offered by green buildings, as suggested by the recent World Green Building Council (WGBC) reports, to which he contributed.

Dr Guy Newsham stayed at the Centre in connection with the defense of PhD thesis by Nuno da Silva where he served as one of the external examiners.