Professor Anders Kristensen

Nanotech paper on “Plasmonic Colour Generation” on the cover of Nature Review Materials

Wednesday 01 Feb 17


Anders Kristensen
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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The paper “Plasmonic Colour Generation” by Professor Anders Kristensen, J.K. W. Yang, S. Bozhevolnyi, S.  Link, P. Nordlander, N. J. Halas & N. A.Mortensen (Nature Reviews Materials 2, Article number: 16088, doi:10.1038/natrevmats.2016.88) was featured on the cover of Nature Review Materials, Volume 2, Issue 1, in January 2017.

The paper describes how ink-free, plasmonic colours can be used to colour large surfaces, can be mass-produced and dynamically reconfigured, and can provide sub-diffraction resolution. In the review paper, the basic properties of plasmonic colours, different plaforms supporting them and recent developments in the field are discussed.

Since the paper was published online two months ago, it has received more than 12,000 page views.

Read the paper.