Marie Smed Tuborgfondet

Marie Smed, PhD student at DTU Business, receives Tuborgfondets Business Research award 2010

Monday 21 Jun 10

On June 10th, 2010 PhD student Marie Smed from DTU Business received the Tuborgfondets Business Research award and a scholarship of 150.000 kr. for an external research stay, for her perseverance and interest in business research.

The award is given to seven PhD students on an annual basis – one from each of the seven largest universities in Denmark, and Marie has been selected as DTUs Candidate 2010.


Marie Smeds project aims at explaining the low survival rate of clinical trials in the Pharmaceutical industry from a business perspective. The product development process in this industry is unique, as all new products have to pass through a number of clinical trials where new products are to be tested on humans. This is a costly and time-consuming process with average duration of 8 years and costs between $ 300 – 600 mill. Only one of five products entering the clinical stages of the product development is introduced to the market. Maries goal is therefore to focus on the innovation management processes of the complex product development in the Pharmaceutical industry, with emphasis on the influence of partnerships and networks between private and public partners on the survival rate of the clinical trials.


“This award can hopefully help me to establish a fruitful collaboration with experienced researchers on my field from a university abroad. With the scholarship from Tuborgfondet I now have full financial support for a research stay at a partner university, which hopefully can contribute with a relationship not only beneficial for me and my project, but also for my colleagues and collaborate partners,” Says Marie Smed, whom is a Master (Cand Merc.) in International Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School and Master in Global Politics from Southampton University, UK.

Marie Smed, DTU Business (no. two from left) together with director of Tuborgfondet Peter Moe Rasmussen and the six other PhD students who received Tuborgfondets Business Reseach award 2010