New light marking ready for use at the National Test Center at Østerild

Thursday 08 Jun 17


Peter Hjuler Jensen
Deputy Head of DTU Wind Energy
DTU Wind Energy
+4546 77 50 37

The new light marking at the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines at Østerild has been installed and are now ready for use.

In February 2017, DTU Wind Energy received a dispensation to do radar control of he light marking at Østerild National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines. The new marking is based upon flashing, high intensity white light at night. This means that the white obstacle lights will only be lit after dark, if there are aircraft within a 5,500 meter radius of the test center.

Furthermore, according to the requirements, low-intensity red light have been installed. The red lights must be switched on all day to supplement the white light markings that still have to be switched on during the daytime hours. The low intensity red obstacles have been installed on the three-level masts corresponding to the levels of white high intensity light.

A step in the right direction
It is the Danish technology company Terma, who has developed and installed the radar control of the light marking on the wind turbines in Østerild.

"The permission to apply radar control at the Test Center Østerild has a major impact on Terma's ability to export technology," says Lars Nørregaard, engineer at Terma.

Deputy Head of Department at DTU Wind Energy, Peter Hjuler Jensen, is happy that the new light  marking is installed and ready for use:

"I am pleased that we are now operating after a very long period of applying for permission to use radar technology, construction and commissioning of the plant. We have been in automatic operation and looking forward to gaining experience with the technology, which hopefully benefits the neighbors and can contribute positively to further use, " he says.

The permit is temporary and applies from February 1st. 2017 through January 31st. 2022.