Young Investigator Grant for studying sugar transport in plants

Wednesday 20 Apr 16


Kaare Hartvig Jensen
Associate Professor
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 27 49
Assistant Professor Kaare H. Jensen, DTU Physics, receives a Young Investigator Grant of EURO 0.6 million from the Villum Foundation for research on biomimetic plants.

Sugars molecules produced by photosynthesis in plant leaves feed our planet. The transport mechanism for conveying sugars into the leaf veins, however, remains poorly understood. In the new project Kaare H. Jensen will combine synthetic plant models with new experimental methods in living plants. This will provide a unique system for studying the biophysics of sugar transport in plants, and a new bioinspired platform for biofuels from photosynthetic microorganisms. The grant will provide funding for two postdocs and experimental equipment.