Opening of Østerild Besøgscenter

Enthusiasm in Thy for the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild

Tuesday 26 Sep 17
At the opening of the new visitor centre at the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild nearly 1000 excited visitors turned up. All were excited – of several reasons. The original nature of the area is returning and the interest in the local area is flourishing.

The TV channel TVMidtVest was there when the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt cut the traditional red tape for the new facilities. To the media Nature Guide in Thy Jan Bagger Jørgensen said: “We see a large interest in trips. And we are getting nature with heath and red deer back. So, there is a lot to experience”

It is now easier to enter the area. Trips are arranged and new roads, parking areas and watch towers are established. The improvements of the conditions mean that more people go on trips to the area. With the test centre, nature has been prioritised. The original nature, from before the plantation was created 100 years ago, is recreated. Hence, compared to earlier the area got a more varied nature with lakes and a larger biodiversity.

Even former sceptics now see the benefits of the test centre. Knud Aage Jørgensen from the village Frøstrup used to be against the wind turbines but that has changed: “I was once against the wind turbines but now I am more positive. We don’t notice them. And it is good for the shop keepers that more people are coming around”.

Please watch the programme here.