Invitation for seminar on endocrine disrupters

Thursday 24 May 12


Ulla Hass
Emerita, Professor
National Food Institute

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, would like to invite you to an open seminar on endocrine disrupters on 7 June 2012. Men's sperm quality is decreasing, the number of boys with malformed sexual organs is increasing, and young girls are reaching sexual maturity earlier. Studies show that endocrine disrupters are the culprits, and the most recent research has established that it is not individual substances, but a combination of the endocrine disrupters that could threaten human fertility. Join the seminar to learn about the most recent results within the field.

Hormones control our body functions and are important for foetal development. Via our food, the environment or cosmetics, we are exposed to chemical substances that research has shown affect natural hormones and their mutual balance. We call them endocrine disrupters and they appear to reduce fertility, result in malformed sexual organs and increase the risk of testicular and breast cancer. 

Danish researchers have helped set the agenda on the effect of endocrine disrupters. Researchers from the National Food Institute have contributed to shifting the international focus from looking at the effect of one chemical substance at a time to the far more dangerous cocktails.


by Ulla Hass, Research Manager, the National Food Institute

Introduction to endocrine disrupters
by Ulla Hass, Research Manager, the National Food Institute

A dangerous cocktail – when males turn into females
by Sofie Christiansen, Researcher, the National Food Institute

The small difference – could endocrine disrupters change our behaviour?
by Marta Axelstad Petersen, Researcher, the National Food Institute

When the stork comes knocking – what is the risk of endocrine-disrupting effects on unborn children?
by Julie Boberg, Senior Scientist, the National Food Institute

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