Mads Brandbyge

New project funded by Quantum Innovation Center

Wednesday 08 Jun 16


Mads Brandbyge
DTU Physics
+4545 25 63 28

The Theoretical Nanoelectronics group at DTU Nanotech is set to start a new project funded by the Quantum Innovation Center in collaboration with Copenhagen University and QuantumWise A/S.

In the project, the collaboration partners will establish the link between atomic structure and electronic properties by comparing transport measurements, electron-microscopy imaging to first principles electronic structure and transport calculations. This will provide insights into the fundamental design rules of new quantum materials.

The overall goal is to study nano-structures and effects e.g. semi-conductor nanowire and super-conductor interfaces for use in future quantum technologies.

The Quantum Innovation Center (Qubiz, serves as an incubator environment for the growth of Quantum Technologies (QT) in Denmark.

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