The new Visitor’s Centre at Østerild is opening

Tuesday 05 Sep 17

The new Visitor’s Centre at the National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines is opening on Saturday September 9th. Everyone is welcome to celebrate the opening.

The opening party, where everyone is welcome, takes place from 12.30. At the opening you will meet all the many parties who will tell about wind technology, nature recovery and the very special conditions at the test centre.

In order to boost the festivities, DTU delivers a science show, while the youth school of Thisted municipality displays the young people's home-built electric cars - and maybe they offer a drive.

It will be Lars Christian Lilleholt, Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate who oficially opens the Visitor’s Centre.

Mayor of Thisted Municipality, Lene Kjelgaard Jensen says about the new Visitor’s Centre:

"We are pleased that we by the use of the new Visitor’s Centre can serve the citizens and visitors of Thisted Municipality with current knowledge. I see, in particular, a great potential for our school students, who now have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in science and science wherever they actually happen.”

Anders Bjarklev, President of DTU says:

"DTU is pleased that the Test Centre at Østerild has been so well received - both by the wind industry and by interested visitors. With the new operating and Visitor’s Centre, there will be better office and meeting facilities, where both DTU and the industry can receive guests. At the same time, we get a better framework for giving the general visitor a presentation of the Centre's activities and the importance of wind energy in the Danish and global energy supply.”

Anne Skovbro, CPO in Realdania says:

"It has been possible to create a building that fits well with the place, and the flexible interior provides good opportunities for the house's many functions. The centre functions both as a modern framework for the technical part of the visiting and operating centre aimed at professionals and industry - such as a welcoming and exciting visit to all of us who want to know more about green energy, wind and nature in the area. The new centre will undoubtedly draw even more visitors to Østerild."

Read more about the opening here (be aware it is in Danish).