Safe nuclear power

Monday 12 Oct 15


Esben Bryndt Klinkby
Senior Researcher
DTU Nutech
+4521 79 91 05

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A nuclear power plant that cannot suffer meltdown, that can withstand the worst natural disasters and terrorist attacks, that does not produce radioactive waste needing to be stored and guarded for many years to ensure that it is not used to produce nuclear weapons, but rather is powered by nuclear waste. 

A nuclear power plant solely producing large quantities of sustainable carbon neutral energy. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Nevertheless, it remains the vision of newly established Seaborg Technologies, a company developing thorium energy where the element thorium and existing nuclear waste are mixed in a so-called floating salt reactor to produce large quantities of energy. The company has just been recommended as a business partner to the British state in a report prepared by Energy Process Developments Ltd.

Behind the start-up are—among others—PhD student Troels Schönfeldt and postdoc Esben B. Klinkby from DTU Nutech