First new labs ready to use in building 375 at DTU

Wednesday 07 Dec 16


Karin Petersen
Laboratory Manager
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+4522 80 88 33

The overarching purpose of DHRTC is to identify new technological and conceptual solutions that boost oil and gas recovery from the Danish North Sea. In that light, it is positive open the first stage of DHRTC’s laboratory building in building 375 at DTU.  The final stage will be finalised and ready to use at the 21st of December.

The research performed in the DHRTC partnership aim at recovering more oil and gas from the Danish part of the North Sea by developing demonstration models.

”Med de nyåbnede laboratorier har vi skabt en vigtig ramme for at samarbejde om de eksperimentelle og tværfaglige aktiviteter i partnerskabet til fordel for forskningen og slutbrugerne,” fortæller Karin Petersen, laboratoriechef i DHRTC.

“With the new laboratories in building 375 at DTU, we have created an important framework for the experimental and interdisciplinary activities that goes on in the partnership to the benefit of research and the end users,” says Karin Petersen, laboratory manager at DHRTC.

In the first laboratories which opened the 5th of December, there is a laboratory for measuring the vibrations in model platforms as well as all support functions such as e.g. special rooms for chemical waste, cleaning laboratory equipment and core storage.

The work in the laboratories will begin right away and more will come when the final stage of laboratories in building 375 is ready to use from the 21st of December.