Visiting PhD student at Hearing Systems

Wednesday 25 May 16
As a part of her project Jana Müller, PhD student from the University of Oldenburg, Germany, will be joining the Hearing Systems’ research group for two months

Jana Müller has already been studying for two and a half years now on her project ‘Assessing the influence of auditory attention on sentence recognition using neural entrainment’.
Her project deals with different aspects which are relevant for speech processing. More specifically, she is interested in processing duration, auditory attention, and listening effort. In a fist study of this project Jana investigated the relationship between auditory attention and neural entrainment. Therefore, the plan is a study where it will be possible to combine neural entrainment measures and pupillometry recordings.  

Why have you chosen to do the last part of your study here?
“I had contact with Dorothea Wendt frequently [postdoc at Hearing Systems] from my first study writing a paper together and then met again at a conference where we talked about the possibility to do my third study together,” Jana says.

Collaboration between DTU and Oldenburg
The plan is to do a pilot project and set up experiments at DTU, and then Jana will do the measurements back in Oldenburg, because the University of Oldenburg have the same eye tracker and devices:
“So I can use the pilot measurements from here and do the real measurements back in Oldenburg. I can use the same set up as Dorothea Wendt used for one of her last studies and I can use the same experimental design for another research question.

Now you have been here for some weeks. What do you think of being here so far?
“It’s great so far. This is my first time here. I did a bike tour this weekend. Another PhD student from Eriksholm Research Centre which I know from Oldenburg showed me the city of Copenhagen and different places there. I like the city very much and I had the impression that everyone can speak English so it’s easy to get around, not only here at DTU but also in the city when you’re sitting at a restaurant.  In Germany everything is translated and synchronized so you don’t have to watch anything in another language when you’re young.
Jana Müller haven’t decided what will happen when she finish her PhD later on this year.
“I’m not sure what I want, so I’ll decide afterwards,” she says with a smile.
Find a description of her project under Other Resech Projects

"I can use same set up as the researchers here and do the measurements back in Oldenburg"
Jana Müller