Per Overgaard Rasmussen

Several awards to Medicine & Technology students at the Danish Biomedical Society's Annual Congres 2016

Monday 03 Oct 16
At the Danish Biomedical Society's Annual Congress 2016, taking place from 20 to 22 September, several students in Medicine & Technology were presented with awards for their work. 

Matteo Cesari's #1 award winning presentation was on "Application of a New Robust ECG T-Wave Delineation Algorithm for the Evaluation of the Autonomic Innervation of the Myocardium", a subject he has worked intensely on in connection with his Master project.

Another lauded project was David Kovacs' presentation on "Dual Energy CT and Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction for Accurate Tumor Delineation", awarded #3 price.


Finally, Anders Vinther Olsen received an award for his poster on "Diagnostic value of sleep stage dissociation as visualized on a 2- dimensional sleep state space in human narcolepsy".