New professor at the Department of Civl Engineering

Thursday 26 Mar 15

The Department of Civil Engineering wishes to strengthen its research into structural dynamics and health monitoring. A new professorship has therefore been established

Christos Georgakis has been appointed Professor of Structural Dynamics and Monitoring at DTU Civil Engineering. The new professor is expected to maintain and further develop his research group which focuses on structural dynamics and aerodynamics, health monitoring using innovative technologies and structural vibration control. His research vision focuses on the adaptive built environment, in which structures are designed to adapt to both know and unknown stressors in the future. 

The international assessment committee describes the new professor with the following quotes:

"Christos Georgakis has demonstrated scientific production at an international level, research potential and ability to lead and develop a research team. He has a very strong innovative element in his work and has clearly demonstrated his ability to promote and utilize research results. Christos Georgakis has a strong all-round experience from previous consulting work. He has international experience and a strong international network including participation in international organizations."

Christos Georgakis holds his inaugural lecture on: “Managing future challenges through structural adaptation” April 30.

Check calendar for time and location.