DTU Large Scale Facility

Opening of the new research facility Large Scale Facility at DTU 7 November 2017

Thursday 14 Sep 17


Kim Branner
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+4546 77 54 70
The new Large Scale Facility at DTU Risø Campus will host the official opening of the DTU Center CASMaT on 7 November.

The Large Scale Facility is a unique research facility of the highest international standard. Here researchers from DTU Wind Energy are going to do research in strength and fatigue of large structures like wind turbine blades.

The DTU Large Scale Facility provides some completely new opportunities for research projects and companies to carry out tests on a very large scale. New advanced testing methods will be developed and the research will help to gain a better understanding of failure in large structures.

Senior Researcher from DTU Wind Energy Kim Branner explains what is happening right now: "At the moment we are working hard to get ready to perform the first tests in October and for the opening in November. We have just received the hydraulic pump station which is going to propel the load equipment."

DTU Wind Energy has an agreement with the English company MOOG on the delivery of the load equipment that will be used to test the large structures. They are currently installing the equipment and will later show that it works. Once that is done, researchers at the Department of Wind Energy may approve the equipment, and then they can use it for their research.

So far, two small wind turbine blades from Olsen Wings has arrived at the test facility. Kim Branner says that "there is a bigger blade from Siemens Gamesa on the way. We expect it to arrive in a couple of weeks." All of the three wind turbine blades will be visible at the opening of the test facility.