DTU Nanotech spinout company sold for $80 million

Friday 26 Aug 16

During the past 25 years, 26 spinout companies have been established with a starting point at DTU Nanotech and 21 of these still exist.

  • Together, the 21 DTU Nanotech spinout companies generate a total turnover of DKK 500 million a year of which export accounts for more than 98%     
  • DTU Nanotech spinouts currently employ 430 people which is almost twice as many employees as currently employed at DTU Nanotech     
  • Over the years, investors have invested a total of DKK 1.5 billion in DTU Nanotech spinouts.

The numbers results from a survey made by DTU Nanotech on the occasion of the department’s 25th anniversary. Read more about the survey.

Scandinavian Micro Biodevices ApS (SMB) has been acquired by the US Company Zoetis, the world’s largest global animal health company, for $80 million.

SMB is a spinout company from DTU Nanotech developing point-of-care, diagnostic, Lab-on-a-Chip solutions for the animal health industry. Single-use cartridges designed for different tests and a small tabletop analyser allows the veterinarian to obtain diagnostic information in a few steps in the veterinary clinic and on the farm. Being acquired by Zoetis, enables SMB to scale up the business and bring next-generation diagnostic solutions to more veterinary customers worldwide.

Read more about SMB.