New Logo

Wednesday 09 Jul 14


Camilla Bitsch
Administrative Coordinator
DTU Environment
+4545 25 16 10

New logo

13 Fellows have voted - and decided on a logo that represents the Mermaid ITN.

After long negotiation the fellows decided on a logo for the Mermaid ITN

The 13 Fellows in the Mermaid ITN have come up with ideas about a logo for the ITN should be, so it would represent the ITN and the research projects in the best way.
Some of them have even drawn suggestions on their own.

After many discussions - and mind you the fellows are geographically placed all over Europe - they decided on the one in top of the homepage.

Of course there is a tail from a mermaid in it - it was inevitable and the there is water connecting the three tails. Somehow it looks a bit like the illustration of the urban water cycle (under the tab Dissemination).