Jakob Mann presenting at WindEurope in Bilbao, April 2019

New European Wind Atlas almost finalized

Tuesday 02 Apr 19


Jakob Mann
DTU Wind Energy
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The team behind NEWA consists of 30 partners from 8 European countries.

At the Wind Europe Conference in Bilbao, the people behind the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) presented the latest results. The project is almost finalized.

For the last 4 years, a group of researchers has been working on creating a New European Wind Atlas. The aim of the wind atlas has been to develop a map to be used as a standard for site assessment. Overall, the new atlas provides a unified high resolution and freely available data-set of wind energy resources in Europe.

The final NEWA workshop took place during the Wind Europe conference in Bilbao this week. At the workshop project leader and DTU Wind Energy professor Jakob Mann presented a few maps showing the areas where the group has been testing the NEWA-function.

Picture showing NEWA Partners, Coverage etc.

The picture above shows four different things. The light green shows the European countries, which are a part of NEWA. The darker green shows the origin of the different partners in the project. The coasts alongside Europe are marked with a light blue colours showing the offshore coverage which is provided by NEWA. Finally, the red markers show the experimental sites within the project.

It is expected that a validated atlas of Europe with 50 metre resolution   is going to be launched at the 5th edition of WindEurope Technology Workshop in Brussels in June.