Working group from DTU Management Engineering Wins an Award for Research-based Public Sector Consultancy

Thursday 16 May 13


Igor Kozin
Senior researcher
DTU Management
+4545 25 45 48

Friday 3 May 2013 DTU presents the award for research-based public sector consultancy to the working group behind the studies and report concerning an IC4-trains lack of brake ability at Marslev, Eastern Fyn. 

The award is being presented as recognition of the competent, dedicated and transverse effort the report is a result of. The report contributes to a positive insight into the research-based public sector consultancy that DTU offers authorities.  

The basis of the report is an incident with an IC4 –train. The train almost caused an accident because of its lack of brake ability. On 7 November 2011 an IC4-train filled with passengers drove past a stop signal at Marslev at eastern Fyn. 2800 meters later the train stopped which was 543 meters after the stated danger point. In addition the IC4-train was only 397 meters from running into a parked freight train. This train had just before braked at the same stretch without any difficulties. The report’s analysis clarified that the Marslev incident unlikely could be considered a problem of single component level but rather as a combination of single components, signals and unusual weather conditions.

The working group has through an overall risk analysis outlined a causal model where both train as well as external conditions such as weather is being considered. In the causal model all plausible and predictable incidents as single components which in collaboration could have caused the increased braking distance has been included. The model clarified both technical and external potential causes and gave an insight into the unfolding of conceivable scenarios.   

In the report The Accident Investigation Boards exposition of the Marslev incident was included as well as the Meteorological Institute, Denmark’s environmental studies (DMU), the National Road Directorate and information’s from direct neighbors to the train stretch to clarify the specific conditions at the given time and place for the incident.

If you wish to get more information about the work you are more than welcome to contact Igor Kozine at 45254548 or at mail igo@dtu.dk