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Ministry of Defence buys encryption technology developed by DTU

Thursday 19 May 16


Lars Ramkilde Knudsen
DTU Compute
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Dynamic encryption

A new, state-of-the-art encryption principle developed by Professor Lars Ramkilde Knudsen and patented by Technical University of Denmark. The principle makes it possible to develop encryption systems offering stronger protection than standard encryption solutions. The principle can also be used to design proprietary encrypting system with documented security for use by governments, companies, and organizations.

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The DTU spin-out Dencrypt will deliver encryption modules for confidential Ministry of Defence communication.

Dencrypt Ltd. and the Danish Ministry of Defence have entered into a contract on the delivery of encryption modules for classified communication based on the dynamic encryption principle.

The contract has a value of approx. EUR 4 million and comprises the delivery, certification, and further development of crypto modules for mobile phones and other platforms for the protection of classified communication as well as related documentation, support, and maintenance. The purpose is to protect classified Ministry of Defence information.

“We are very pleased to see that research findings from DTU contribute to establishing new and innovative Danish businesses with a global reach,” says President Anders Bjarklev.

The encryption module is based on dynamic encryption, an encryption principle developed in Denmark offering stronger encryption than standard solutions, and which is robust against cryptanalysis. The Danish Defence has used the system for more than a year, and the system is now extended with a new functionality and to cover the entire the mobile workplace.

“I’m pleased that the Ministry of Defence can see the advantages of our system, because encryption should actually be something that all companies and all private individuals use. With Dencrypt, the system selects a new algorithm each time a new call is made. And, in practice, this makes it impossible to break the encryption—of course without any noticeable communication delays. We have tested this successfully since 2013, and in connection with this contract, we have plans to expand the package to also include emails, text messages, and chat,” says Professor Lars Ramkilde Knudsen from DTU Compute, who has invented the system behind Dencrypt.

Dencrypt Ltd.

A wholly-owned Danish-owned company specializing in the development and delivery of solutions based on the dynamic encryption principle. Dencrypt’s products combine advanced encryption technology with user-friendly operation, and offers effective protection against industrial espionage and hacking.

Customers include private companies as well as public authorities, for whom it is essential to protect their confidential information, critical technology, and customer correspondence.

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