AEG Elektronpris 2018

Researcher in electrical measuring techniques receives AEG Elektronprisen 2018

Tuesday 18 Sep 18
by Tom Nervil


Dirch Hjorth Petersen
Senior Researcher
DTU Physics
+4545 25 63 24


This year the AEG Elektronfonden hands out the Elektron award for the 30th time.

The award is handed out once every year to promote the development of technical sciences within electrical engineering at DTU and to contribute to enhance the further education of present and future employees in Danish industry.

Former winners of the award

2017: Lektor Arnold Knott, DTU Elektro

2016: Lektor Ole Schultz, DTU Diplom

2015: Lektor Helge Bjarup Dissing Sørensen, DTU Elektro

2014: Professor Peter Udh Jepsen, DTU Fotonik

2013: Lektor Bogi Bech Jensen, DTU Elektro

2012: Lektor Rafael Taboryski, DTU Nanotech

2011: Seniorforsker Jakob Birkedal Wagner, DTU Cen

2010: Lektor Jörg Matthias Buchholz, DTU Elektro

2009: Lektor Peter Bøggild, DTU Nanotech

This year, the award AEG Elektronfonden’s Elektronpris is given to Senior Researcher Dirch Hjorth Petersen from DTU Nanotech, who is considered as a leading researcher within electrical characterisation of ultra thin metals and semiconductors used for the production of transistors and memory cells.

At the ceremony Dirch Hjorth Petersen received the award as well as a cheque for 50,000 DKK. Here DTU’s President Anders Bjarklev emphasised DTU’s ambition to develop and utilise technical science for the benefit of society. To the recipient of the award, DTU’s President added: “Therefore, it is a great pleasure for me to see that you are able to transform your research results into innovation and new technology in close collaboration with industry alongside your very strong scientific production within the field of electrical engineering.”

Anders Bjarklev is among other things referring to the fact that Dirch Hjorth Petersen is co-inventor of several patents and has been able to develop remarkable technologies into business successes, within a short period of time. To mention an example, his patents play an important role for the fully automated measuring tools which the DTU spin-out company Capres A/S develops for leading producers of microelectronics.

Exact measurement of electron transport is of fundamental significance for the development of electronic components. With Dirch Hjorth Petersen’s microelectrodes, it is possible on the micrometer scale to measure electronic resistance, leakage currents as well as electron spin transport in materials used in mass production of electronic components.

Improvement of present measuring principles

Rolf Henrik Berg, Head of Department at Micro and Nanotechnology, held the motivation speech and emphasised Dirch Hjorth Petersen’s role in the development of vibration tolerant microelectrodes which make it possible to make fully automated electrical measurements with high precision on ultra thin materials in production environments with high acoustic background noise.

“Dirch Hjorth Petersen has developed entirely new measuring principles such as the Micro Hall effect method and significantly improved the precision of electrical measuring principles, over 100 years old.

As a researcher, Dirch Hjorth Petersen has also been the driving force in the development of measuring principles for the characterisation of 2D materials (consisting of only 1 layer of atoms), amongst other things with numeric methods of analysis for the description of resistance measurements in percolation network and correlation studies of terahertz spectroscopy and van der Pauw measurements.

Dirch Hjorth Petersen is also a former recipient of PhD thesis of the year (2010) and the Danish Society of Engineers’ Elektro award 2010.

On the photo from left: Acting head of department, DTU Nanotech, Rolf Henrik Berg, President Anders Bjarklev, award winner Dirch Hjorth Petersen, chairman of AEG Elektronfonden Hans Peter Jensen and boardmember Jens Christian Hesse Rasmussen.