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02 OCT

Climate scientists and statistics—for improvement

The volumes of climate data have exploded, but this does not necessarily provide us with an insight into the climate of the future. If climate scientists used statistics...

Climate change Systems analysis
07 SEP

PhD Defence 14th September: Requirements Management on Multiple Product Platforms

Dagný Hauksdóttir from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends her PhD "Requirements Management on Multiple Product Platforms" Monday September 14th at 13:00. The defence takes...

Construction and mechanics Production and management Systems analysis
06 JUL

Life cycle assessments map wind turbine lifespan

Life cycle assessments are an excellent tool for assessing the environmental impact of a product from cradle to grave. Assisted by DTU, Siemens Wind Power has carried...

Energy production Wind energy Life cycle analysis Operations analysis Systems analysis
10 DEC

Easier to connect cables between wind turbines

Connecting offshore wind turbines and submarine cables is a complex undertaking. A newly developed tool makes the calculations both easier and less expensive.

Mathematical analysis Wind energy Systems analysis
21 JUN

Marie Smed, PhD student at DTU Business, receives Tuborgfondets Business Research...

On June 10 th , 2010 PhD student Marie Smed from DTU Business received the Tuborgfondets Business Research award and a scholarship of 150.000 kr. for an external research...

Production and management Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development Systems analysis