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12 JAN

45 MDKK. for projects in health

With grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, DTU scientists will gain new knowledge within functions of the brain, nerve damages in the ear and bacteria in the gut...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Sensors
07 DEC

Stephan Sylvest Keller receives consolidator grant from the European Research...

Associate Professor Stephan Sylvest Keller from DTU Nanotech has received the prestigious consolidator grant of an amount of 2.7 mio Euro (20 mio DKK) from the European...

Micro and nanotechnology Physics
05 DEC

Biomimetics can replace dysfunctional body cells

As the world’s population increases in number and age, so do the challenges increase to ensure health and quality of life for all of us. Science is therefore busy developing...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
DTU Energy PhD Symposium 2017
24 NOV

Industry impressed by high standard at PhD Symposium

DTU Energy held its annual PhD symposium with industrial participation at DTU Lyngby Campus, where PhD students could discuss their research with scientists, engineers...

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10 NOV

Fatima Al-Zahraa Al Atraktchi receives award from The Lundbeck Foundation

PhD Student Fatima Al-Zahraa Al Atraktchi has received a Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize. 

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
06 NOV

Carbon atoms assemble themselves on command

Using a new method that gets carbon atoms to assemble themselves, researchers open up for opportunities to create quantum dots that can revolutionize the information technology...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
30 OCT

View the chemical reactions of nanostructures live

What exactly happens with nanostructures during chemical reactions? Researchers at DTU Nanotech can now provide real time video of the complex nanoscale chemistry.

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
27 OCT

Award for artificial sight with solar cells

At the Medical Innovation Day at Aarhus University, the project “Subretinal Photovoltaic implants” presented by Postdoc Rasmus Schmidt Davidsen won the prize for the...

Micro and nanotechnology
23 OCT

Moving towards the design of individualised cancer vaccines

In the near future, a novel liposome-based technology developed at DTU Nanotech may enable the tailored design of cancer vaccines that fits the individual patient. This...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
27 SEP

Isolated nanoparticles can create new generation of catalysts

With a European Research Council grant  (ERC) of DKK 11 million (EUR 1.5 million), Associate Professor Peter Vesborg from DTU Physics  will develop a new measuring method...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Energy production Catalysis
05 SEP

Snout on a chip detects explosives

DTU is ready with a prototype for a chemical “sniffer system” for the detection of criminal substances like narcotics and explosives.

Physics Sensors Micro and nanotechnology
24 AUG

Sepsis – a hidden killer

Every year, millions of people die of sepsis. It is critical to arrive at a diagnosis fast. Together with Danish, Swedish, Austrian and Czech collaboration partners, DTU...

Micro and nanotechnology
15 AUG

Drug micro-containers smaller than a grain of sugar

At the research Centre of Excellence  IDUN  ( I ntelligent  D rug delivery and Sensing  U sing micro-containers and  N anomechanics) at DTU headed by Professor Anja Boisen...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology
31 JUL

Ib Chorkendorff receives EU’s most prestigious research grant for work with catalysts...

Professor Ib Chorkendorff, DTU Physics , has been awarded a prestigious Advanced Grant from the ERC (European Research Council) for his work in developing new catalysts...

Quantum theory and atomic physics Micro and nanotechnology Catalysis Fuel cells Energy storage Solar energy Wind energy
03 JUL

Artificial sight with solar cells

Rasmus Schmidt Davidsen is postdoc at DTU Nanotech and a successful researcher within optimisation of solar cells. Now he wants to help the blind see by using microscopic...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Optics Sensors
17 MAY

Microscopic solar cells could give vision to blind

Postdoc Rasmus Schmidt Davidsen conducts research into optimizing solar cells. Now, with the help of micro-sized photovoltaic cells, he will restore sight to the blind...

Medicine and medico technology Micro and nanotechnology Solar energy
03 MAY

Graphene - a wonder material for electronic devices

In collaboration with partners from industry and academia, researchers at DTU Nanotech have improved the possibility of utilizing the extraordinary properties of graphene...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Materials
14 APR

"My greatest goal is to find a cure for cancer"

“Some perceive me as one-track minded—and rightfully so,” says Head of Department and Researcher Thomas L. Andresen. His working week is never less than 60 hours. But hard...

Micro and nanotechnology Medicine and medico technology Nanomedicine Health and diseases
20 FEB

Millions for research challenging the laws of physics

Funding continues for Center for Nanostructures Graphene where research takes place on the nano scale, and new and surprising facts about the laws of physics come to light...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Micro and nanotechnology
15 FEB

DTU Nanotech paper highlighted in Advanced Science News

The paper “Nanoreinforced Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering: Biomaterials that are Compatible with Load-Bearing and Electroactive Tissues” (Adv. Mater. 2017 1603612) has...

Micro and nanotechnology
07 FEB

Brain dopamine factory

By implanting dopamine-producing cells in the brain, patients may regulate their own dopamine level.

Medicine and medico technology Micro and nanotechnology
24 JAN

Real-time in vitro monitoring of cell populations

The study of cells’ reaction to e.g. drugs or to environmental pollutants is an important technological area. Cells are cultured while they are exposed to different substances...

Micro and nanotechnology
19 JAN

Electrocatalysis can advance green transition

Renewable energy is providing an increasing share of the energy supply, but to ensure the green transition continues, it must also be able to furnish us with the fuels...

Catalysis Micro and nanotechnology Metals and alloys Nanoparticles Fuel cells Energy storage Fossil fuels Solar energy Wind energy
09 JAN

Detection of pneumonia through exhaled breath

Children with cystic fibrosis (CF) often get airway infections, which can be difficult to diagnose. The methods are invasive and highly unpleasant for the child, and the...

Micro and nanotechnology
02 JAN

Fast and reliable diagnosis of infectious diseases

A new type of medical diagnostics is being developed at DTU Nanotech and realised in the spinout company, Flusens ApS. The diagnostic device is based on an all-plastic...

Micro and nanotechnology
07 NOV

Nanopillars – a state-of-the-art optical sensor

Reliable, cheap and quick recognition of molecules at challenging concentrations of ~1 ppb ( parts per billion ) or less is now possible thanks to a sensor developed at...

Micro and nanotechnology
13 OCT

Sources of peanut allergy revealed

Researchers from DTU Nanotech have examined patients’ immune reactions towards peanuts and discovered that the individual patient has allergic reactions towards very specific...

Micro and nanotechnology
06 SEP

Samples with DTU logo made by plasmonic color laser printing show fully flexibility

Samples with DTU logo made by plasmonic color laser printing show fully flexibility.

Micro and nanotechnology
26 AUG

DTU Nanotech spinout company sold for $80 million

Scandinavian Micro Biodevices ApS (SMB) has been acquired by the US Company Zoetis, the world’s largest global animal health company, for $80 million.

Micro and nanotechnology
22 AUG

DTU Nanotech spinout company selected to combat Zika

The DTU Nanotech spinout company, BluSense Diagnostics, has been selected together with 20 universities and companies from around the world to develop new technological...

Micro and nanotechnology Sensors
09 AUG

Georgeite can improve the production of methanol

Researchers at DTU have helped an international team of researchers prove how the mineral georgeite can improve the production of methanol. In the long term, the discovery...

Micro and nanotechnology Physics Chemistry Catalysis Materials
24 JUN

New research project on nanoconductors

The project ”Dynamics in ballistic nanoconductors: Theory and simulation tools”, headed by Professor Mads Brandbyge, has received 4,7 MDKK from VILLUM FONDEN.

Micro and nanotechnology
08 JUN

New project funded by Quantum Innovation Center

The Theoretical Nanoelectronics group at DTU Nanotech is set to start a new project funded by the Quantum Innovation Center in collaboration with Copenhagen University...

Micro and nanotechnology
31 MAY

Engineers and doctors develop new healthcare technologies

New healthcare technologies are needed to prevent, diagnose and treat the increasing number of cases of disease associated with increases in life expectancies. And this...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Micro and nanotechnology Optics Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems Hospital layout and design Health and diseases Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship
19 MAY

New method for analysing and separating cells in blood

With the help of DTU Physics, researchers from MIT and the University of Lund have developed a new method to analyse and separate cells in blood. The method can accelerate...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Cells Health and diseases
13 MAY

New generation of laser-controlled micro-robots created at DTU

Researchers from DTU Fotonik have become the first in the world to integrate multiple well-known technologies in a swarm of 3D-printed micro-robots. Their breakthrough...

Lasers Optics Micro and nanotechnology Nanomedicine
02 MAY

Precision measurements for magnetic memory

A new measuring procedure can pave the way for an optimised and reliable production of magnetic random access memory (MRAM), a potentially universal memory solution within...

Micro and nanotechnology
26 APR

Sustainable nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is essential in a wide range of emerging technologies that can aid in reducing our environmental impact. For instance, coatings with ultrathin layers of...

Micro and nanotechnology
14 APR

Unique opportunity for Danish companies in the competition to develop materials...

An agreement has just been finalized on Danish co-financing of the coming X-ray facility in Lund, Sweden—MAX IV. The agreement gives Danish companies and researchers...

Materials Image analysis Computer calculations Physics Micro and nanotechnology
05 APR

New method for studying cancer cells

Cancer cell growth and proliferation are closely related to the mechanical properties of the cells. Researchers from DTU, Pavia University, and CNR Milano have developed...

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Optics Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
03 MAR

Why Teaching at DTU Environment is Unique

DTU Environment is World Leading in Environmental Engineering. We have Experts in Water Resource Engineering, Urban Water Engineering, Solid Waste and Environmental Chemistry...

Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Soil contamination Climate adaption Air pollution Environmental chemistry Ecosystems Waste water and water discharge Water supply Environment and pollution Bioenergy Nanoparticles Micro and nanotechnology
25 FEB

Summer schools at DTU Nanotech

The summer schools present a mixture of invited talks, lectures, and lab work providing you with hands-on experience in the areas of micro- and nanosensors, oral drug...

Micro and nanotechnology Optics Sensors
24 FEB

Finding rare cancer cells in blood

In future, it might be possible to diagnose many types of cancer by taking a simple blood test. Researchers at DTU Nanotech have shown that a microfluidic separation method...

Micro and nanotechnology
16 FEB

Super microscope untying scientific knot

DTU Cen has helped international researchers to prove how the mineral georgeite can improve the production of methanol. In the long term, the discovery will make it cheaper...

Materials Micro and nanotechnology
01 FEB

Fast detection of pathogens in food

Rapid in-field detection of pathogens in food is now possible thanks to a newly developed portable Lab-on-a-Chip-system called SMARTDETECT. The system provides all the...

Micro and nanotechnology
22 JAN

Four young DTU researchers are granted millions for research

Four young DTU researchers receive a total of DKK 23.1 million from the VILLUM FONDEN’s Young Investigator Programme on Friday, 22 January.

Physics Micro and nanotechnology Food technology Catalysis Marine research Sensors
22 JAN

How does a photoelectrode work?

Harvesting solar energy into chemical bonds is a promising way of storing the intermittent power from the sun. Professor Ole Hansen from DTU Nanotech was invited to write...

Micro and nanotechnology
14 DEC

This article can be printed on a hair

Thanks to a new revolutionary laser printing technology, it is now possible to print this press release in colour on an area no bigger than a hair. This breakthrough...

Lasers Micro and nanotechnology
04 NOV

Research in cancer, bone tissue and neural tissue engineering receives funding

Three projects rooted at DTU Nanotech have received funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

Micro and nanotechnology
04 NOV

Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

In August 2015 a brand new course in high tech entrepreneurship rooted at DTU Nanotech was held for the first time. During three intensive weeks, bachelor students teamed...

Micro and nanotechnology
28 OCT

Individualised chemotherapy

A quick screening to find the most optimal combination of chemotherapy drugs for the individual cancer patient may soon be a reality, thanks to newly developed Lab-on...

Micro and nanotechnology
26 OCT

Inspired by butterfly wings

A technology that was originally developed for computer chips is now being used to shape textures on plastic surfaces. The result is cleaner, greener plastic.

Micro and nanotechnology
06 OCT

MEE Young Investigator Award and Lectureship to Stephan Sylvest Keller

Associate Professor Stephan Sylvest Keller has received the Microelectronic Engineering (MEE) Young Investigator Award and Lectureship. The award was presented at the...

Micro and nanotechnology
29 SEP

New technology for faster diagnosis of sepsis

The research project SMARTDIAGNOS from DTU Nanotech receives a large EU grant for the development of a device which will enable faster diagnosis of sepsis.

Micro and nanotechnology
09 SEP

New research project will investigate novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease

DTU Nanotech participates in a new consortium which will investigate novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Micro and nanotechnology
02 SEP

DTU Nanotech receives 5-year-renewal of Global Excellence status

At an award ceremony held on 26 August by the Capital Region of Denmark, DTU Nanotech had its Global Excellence status renewed for a period of 5 years.

Micro and nanotechnology
31 AUG

Breakthrough in the performance of 2D semiconductors

Researchers from DTU Nanotech and Columbia University have developed a new platform which enhances greatly the electrical performance of 2D materials.

Micro and nanotechnology
24 AUG

Nanoparticles boost the immune system in cancer patients

A new type of cancer immunotherapy is being developed at DTU Nanotech and realised in the spin-out company, MonTa Biosciences. Nanoparticles that stimulate the immune...

Micro and nanotechnology
17 AUG

DNA pinball machine

DNA sequencing requires DNA molecules in the right concentration. A microfluidic device shaped as a pinball machine with micrometre-sized pins with micro-gaps between...

Micro and nanotechnology
11 AUG

From injections to tablets

Making oral drug delivery more efficient and in some cases replacing injections with a tablet might be possible in the future thanks to a new Centre of Excellence, IDUN...

Micro and nanotechnology
03 AUG

Hard-wearing sensor defying soot and heat

A new method for monitoring ships' NO x emissions offers shipping companies environmental documentation. 

Fossil fuels Energy efficiency Data analysis Environmental chemistry Sensors Micro and nanotechnology Air pollution
30 JUN

Anders Baun, Nano

Risk assessment – Particular challenges

Nanoparticles Micro and nanotechnology
17 JUN

Research in tuberculosis antibiotic resistance, ballistic graphene devices, and...

Three projects headed by or with participation from DTU Nanotech have received funding from the Danish Council for Independent research (DFF).

Micro and nanotechnology
07 JUN

Continuing education course at DTU Environment

Our Society is challenged by Environmental and Health issues. At DTU Environment we contribute to that by holding continuing Education courses, where experts from DTU...

Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Soil contamination Climate adaption Air pollution Environmental chemistry Ecosystems Waste water and water discharge Water supply Micro and nanotechnology Bioenergy
07 JUN

Environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials at DTU Environment

Come to DTU Environment and participate in our continuing education course and learn about Environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials. Course topics include: • Current...

Micro and nanotechnology
07 JUN

Efteruddannelseskurser på DTU Miljø - nyeste viden og teknologier indenfor Miljøudfordringer

Vores samfund står overfor en lang række miljø og sundheds udfordringer, som vi på DTU Miljø er med til at løse, ved at afholde en række efteruddannelseskurser, hvor eksperter...

Bioenergy Micro and nanotechnology Waste management CO2 separation and CO2 storage Soil contamination Climate adaption Air pollution Environmental chemistry Ecosystems Waste water and water discharge Water supply
02 JUN

“Protective glasses” enable novel exhaust gas analyser

Novel self-cleaning, high temperature and corrosion resistant optical windows developed at DTU Nanotech enable the development of a novel gas analyser system. Improved...

Micro and nanotechnology
20 MAR

Mads Brandbyge becomes Professor at DTU Nanotech

Mads Brandbyge becomes professor in Theoretical Nanoelectronics/Computational Nanotechnology.

Micro and nanotechnology
16 MAR

New issue of Technologist

Did you know that we unconsciously sniff out the perfect partner? And that sniffer dogs—in addition to money and drugs—can detect prostate, ovarian or gastrointestinal...

Fuel cells Energy storage Energy systems Micro and nanotechnology Sensors
23 FEB

Young researchers receive millions from the Danish Council for Independent Research

Eight researchers receive a total of DKK 19.6 million to boost their research. The postdoc grants will be allocated to research in the categories ‘Technology and Production...

Materials Lasers Micro and nanotechnology Electronics Optics Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Biotechnology and biochemistry
09 JAN

Spring balance made from a single DNA molecule

DTU Nanotech paper selected as Editors’ suggestion in Physical Review Letters.

Micro and nanotechnology
19 DEC

Fiber lasers with a spin

Researchers from DTU Nanotech have recently shown that lasing from dye doped polymer fibers fabricated by electro spinning is practically achievable. They found that the...

Micro and nanotechnology
16 DEC

Four Sapere Aude grants for DTU

On 15 December, the Danish Council for Independent Research announced that they are investing DKK 19 million in 40 Sapere Aude: DFF-Research Talent grants. Three of the...

Micro and nanotechnology Viruses Fuel cells
15 DEC

New issue of DTU Nanotech's newsletter "Samples"

The new issue of DTU Nanotech's newsletter "Samples " is out now.  

Micro and nanotechnology