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27 MAR

How fast does water move if you inject gas and soapy water into a porous medium...

Using a medical CT scanner, researchers from Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre and TU Delft have investigated the effect of presence of soap (surfactant...

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19 JAN

Electrocatalysis can advance green transition

Renewable energy is providing an increasing share of the energy supply, but to ensure the green transition continues, it must also be able to furnish us with the fuels...

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12 JAN

Six new models for oil recovery

Two years after the Center for Oil and Gas — DTU was established, six models have been identified to demonstrate how a greater proportion of Denmark’s oil and gas can...

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07 DEC

First new labs ready to use in building 375 at DTU

The overarching purpose of DHRTC is to identify new technological and conceptual solutions that boost oil and gas recovery from the Danish North Sea. In that light, it...

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08 NOV

Stefano cools sensitive electronics to a refreshing 175°C working environment...

Stefano Soprani from DTU Energy has successfully defended his Industrial PhD thesis "Active Cooling of a Down Hole Well Tractor”.

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14 OCT

Better water management will make oil extraction more efficient in the future

New development partnership will minimize human error in the management of the constantly increasing volume of water processed on platforms in the Danish part of the North...

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13 SEP

DTU e-conference saves the atmosphere large amounts of CO2

Researchers can save the atmosphere huge amounts of CO 2 and lots of resources and money on top if they start participating in electronic conferences instead of travelling...

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11 AUG

New research centre can create breakthroughs in fossil fuel alternatives

A grant of DKK 150 million from VILLUM FONDEN will enable a group of the world’s leading researchers to seek new energy, fuel and chemical alternatives to replace oil...

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07 JUL

PetroPhase 2016 held in Helsingør

PetroPhase 2016 - The 17th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling was held in Helsingør from Sunday the 19 th June to Thursday the 23...

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03 MAY

Presentation awards for research on in-situ burning of oil

A PhD student and a Master’s student from DTU have recently won 1st places in presentation awards for their research in in-situ burning of oil. One of the awards was won...

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