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11 JAN

EnergyLab Nordhavn is nominated for "Energi- og miljøprisen 2018"

The past year several important project milestones have been accomplished and EnergyLab Nordhavn is proud to receive the recognition from Energyforum Danmark.

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04 JAN

Milestone for artificial intelligence within control of oil and gas production

Collaboration between researchers and industry should increase production and prevent human errors, for example in handling of water in oil production in the North Sea...

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21 NOV

Three car giants develop electric car solutions at DTU

The changeover from petrol to electricity poses challenges for car manufacturers. The solution is called Vehicle-to-Grid—a field in which DTU researchers excel.

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31 OCT

Why Parker develops a Grid Readiness Certificate

Thomas Meier Sørensen from DTU explains why and how Parker will develop a grid readiness certificate for grid integrated vehicles. Read more on

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11 JUL

DTU students help make the power flow more efficient at Roskilde Festival

Several students from DTU participated at Roskilde Festival this year. And once again, many chose to do so in correlation with their education. They collaborate with Roskilde...

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20 JUN

When two look-a-like balls are not always exactly the same

Differences of less than one percent and very small variations in the chemical composition of the nominally same material can have a significant impact on the resulting...

Magnets Energy Electromagnetism
05 MAY

New method for monitoring and diagnosing wind turbine faults

Researchers from DTU have developed a simple method for monitoring wind turbines using the symmetry created by the wind turbine when the blades rotate.

Robot technology and automation Electrotechnology Wind energy
25 APR

PowerLabDK prepares for the digital energy future

In collaboration with the IT department of DTU, PowerLabDK has just invested in a large supercomputer as the first element of a soon-to-be-launched new Digital Energy Lab...

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20 APR

Great results for active distribution network automation

“Ideal Grid for All” was the vision of a project collaboration between 13 European academic and industrial organisations – a vision that is now very close to becoming a...

Electrotechnology Electrical engineering Energy Wind energy Solar energy Power stations Energy systems Energy production Energy storage Energy efficiency Electricity supply
10 APR

Denmark in charge of new electric alliance

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark take the lead in a new project that will pave the way for an integrated energy system across the Nordic countries...

Electrotechnology Electrical engineering Energy Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy systems
03 APR

New project on large scale electrical vehicle integration

A new project just got officially funded and will run between April 2017 and March 2020. The Project is called Across Continents Electric Vehicle Services (ACES) and intends...

Electrotechnology Energy Wind energy Solar energy Energy systems Energy production Energy storage Energy efficiency Electricity supply Electrical engineering
22 MAR

New electronics fill gaps in solar cell lamp market

Knowledge about efficient conversion of solar energy combined with considerable insight into solar cells have resulted in new efficient electronics for use in solar cell...

Electrotechnology Solar energy Light sources
27 FEB

Major prize for portable ultrasound

Innovation Fund Denmark awarded five new prizes at the EliteForsk conference on 23 February. Four current and former DTU researchers were among the recipients.

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26 JAN

Kick-starting electrical trains using floating magnets

A novel floating magnetic flywheel will reduce peak loads on the electricity grid when the train services in Denmark become fully electrified. The flywheel and the integrated...

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Electronics (DTU Elektro)
11 JAN

Next Generation Power Supplies and their applications in mobility and electrolysis...

New project for the Electronics Group resulting in one more postdoc and one more PhD student

Electrotechnology Energy
Electronics (Photo: DTU Elektro)
06 JAN

The LEDLUM EU project mentioned on the "" of the news magazine "Ingeniøren...

The LEDLUM EU project on very small sized LED converters is just now on the "" homepages of the news magazine "Ingeniøren".

Electrotechnology Energy
27 DEC

Project LEDLUM: Tiny light engine for large scale LED lighting

LEDLUM develops a highly integrated cost competitive light engine technology platform for Solid State Lighting (SSL) connected directly to the electrical power grid...

Electrotechnology Energy
Megha Rao won a price for her poster presentation at DTU Energys annual PhD Symposium 2016
23 NOV

Industry got insight into the latest Danish energy research

DTU Energy held its annual PhD symposium with industrial participation at DTU Lyngby Campus where PhD students could discuss their research with scientists and representatives...

Energy Bioenergy Fuel cells Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy systems Solar energy Electromagnetism Sensors Electrochemistry Catalysis
Tian Lei succesfully defended his PhD
21 NOV

Tian uses supercomputers to design active magnetic regenerators for magnetic refrigeration

On Monday, 14 November Tian Lei from DTU Energy successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title: ”Modeling of active magnetic regenerators and experimental investigation...

Electromagnetism Energy Magnets Energy efficiency
14 OCT

Better water management will make oil extraction more efficient in the future

New development partnership will minimize human error in the management of the constantly increasing volume of water processed on platforms in the Danish part of the North...

Robot technology and automation Electrotechnology Energy efficiency Energy production Ships and offshore constructions Fossil fuels
07 OCT

New professor at DTU to ensure efficient power components

The Department of Electrical Engineering just strengthened its core competencies in the area of power components for distributed energy systems with the appointment of...

Electrotechnology Energy
06 OCT

It is all about partnerships

More than 400 local stakeholders, business representatives and international experts met in Copenhagen for the annual CPH Climate Solutions conference on 3 - 4 October...

Energy Electrotechnology
03 OCT

DTU collaboration with China could save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions

DTU Electrical Engineering has launched an ambitious collaboration project with China that will increase the proportion of green energy in the electricity grid and ensure...

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15 JUN

EcoGrid wins sustainability prize

Last night EcoGrid EU won the prestigious EU Sustainable Energy Award 2016 as the best energy project with consumers in Europe. The project won after rigorous review of...

Electrotechnology Energy
14 JUN

Grand Opening af PowerLabDK - Sidste chance for tilmelding og detaljeret program

Husk at tilmelde dig indvielsen af PowerLabDK den 23. juni, hvis du vil mærke, høre og se, hvordan vi kan hjælpe din virksomhed med tests, udvikling og demonstration af...

Energy Electrotechnology
17 APR

Two papers presented at the ICIT in Taipei, Taiwan

Electronics Group represented again this year by one PhD student and three BSc students.

Electrotechnology Energy
17 APR

Micromanipulator Company's 2210-LS Probe Station for the Electronics Group at...

DTU Electrical Engineering has installed their first Probe Station 2210-LS at their DTU Lyngby Campus in Denmark. The system level probe station will be used by the Electronics...

Electrotechnology Energy
11 APR

EcoGrid 2.0 Kick-off - Flexibility for users is key to succes

The EcoGrid 2.0 project's vision is to develop, test and demonstrate an electricity market for flexibility, that meets the customers' daily needs and make it easy to choose...

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy systems Wind energy Solar energy Electrical engineering
01 APR

DTU expert appointed to new Energy Commission

Professor Jacob Østergaard, Head of the Centre for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Electrical Engineering has been awarded a seat on the Danish government’s new Energy...

Electrotechnology Energy
11 MAR

The cities can become fossil-free, if they think 'smart'

Cities are major energy consumers and thus also CO 2 emitters. However, it is precisely the many different urban infrastructures and energy units that may be the key...

Electronics Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy storage Fossil fuels Energy production Energy systems IT systems Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage
04 MAR

Gaming to learn about renewables in electricity markets

The MSc course "Renewables in electricity markets" at DTU Elektro has attracted nearly 90 students in 2016, even though it is given for the second year only. One of the...

Electrical engineering Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy production Energy storage Energy systems
28 FEB

MScEE Morteza G. Eftekhar from the Electronics Group presents paper at the Intermag...

IEEE International Magnetics Conference (Intermag) 11 - 15 January 2016 is the premier joint conference on applied magnetics and information storage technologies, sponsored...

Electrotechnology Energy
04 JAN

The car will be more than just a means of transport

The Japanese automotive giant Nissan and a team of researchers from DTU Electrical Engineering have become the first in the world to make a mass-produced electric vehicle...

Transport economy Innovation and product development Climate adaption Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy storage Electronics
04 JAN

Major theme: A step towards a fossil fuel-free society

Charging time, range and taxes. There are plenty of challenges facing electric vehicles. Nevertheless, the electric car is the only long-term solution if the transport...

Electrotechnology Transport and logistics Energy
04 JAN

The battery—heart of the electric car

Batteries twice as powerful as those currently available may finally herald the breakthrough of electric cars. Developing such batteries is the goal of a European, DTU...

Electricity supply Energy storage Energy efficiency Electronics Innovation and product development Transport economy
04 JAN

Electric vehicles are the long-term solution

In the opinion of Niels Buus Kristensen, Head of Department at DTU Transport and a member of the Danish government’s climate advisory committee, electric vehicles hold...

Transport behaviour Transport economy Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage Electronics Electrical engineering Energy efficiency Energy storage
04 JAN

Electric vehicle of the future

How will electric vehicles develop? Associate Professor Esben Larsen from DTU Electrical Engineering  shares his thoughts on the subject.

Electronics Energy efficiency Energy storage Electricity supply Transport economy Transport models Transport behaviour Innovation and product development Climate adaption
13 NOV

Electric vehicles are ready to support the power system

On 26 and 27 October DTU Electrical Engineering's Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) hosted an International Energy Agency workshop on V2X technology with 46...

Electrotechnology Energy systems Energy storage
08 NOV

At the DTU PhD celebration reception 30 October Mickey Madsen got the “Best PhD...

PhD of the year is Mickey Madsen from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering for his thesis entitled: “Very high frequency switch-mode power supplies”

Electrotechnology Energy
28 OCT

Kurt Engelbrecht and his colleagues receives ‘Best Paper of the Year' award

Senior researcher Kurt Engelbrecht from DTU Energy and former guest-student Jaime A. Lozano received the award 'Best Paper of the Year' (2012/2013) by the Editorial...

Electromagnetism Energy
07 OCT

DTU seeks two full professors to strengthen Center for Electric Power and Energy

To further strengthen the research, education and innovation of the center, DTU seeks two professors within Power Components in Distributed Energy Systems and High Voltage...

Electrotechnology Energy
20 AUG

PhD, Peter Bach Andersen, DTU Electrical Engineering

PhD, Peter Bach Andersen, DTU Electrical Engineering: "ICT Solutions to Support EV Deployment"

Electrotechnology Energy
20 AUG

PowerLabDK visuel tour

PowerLabDK is a collection of world-class experimental facilities for electric power and energy - a unique experimental platform for technology development, testing, education...

Electrotechnology Energy
01 JUL

New light for design classics

PH lamps and other design icons will now be producing light similar to that of the classic incandescent bulb. A group of researchers, lighting experts, designers, and...

Energy efficiency Electronics Light sources Optics
03 JUN

New Generation of Innovators Celebrate Success at INNOVEIT - innovative power...

Spin-out company from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering - Nordic Power Converters (NPC) - has won the EU’s EIT Venture Award for their inventive...

Electrotechnology Energy
03 JUN

DTU's Introductory Projects can bring you to places of action!

Eg. to the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup Copenhagen 2015:   3 of the Electronics Group's BSc students, Chris Cornaby, Jeppe Friberg, and Nikolaj B. Søndergaard have...

Electrotechnology Energy
21 APR

Discovery unlocks ion conductor that is 100 times faster than all the others

A research group at the Technical University of Denmark has discovered a new and stable ion conducting material by merging two known materials, one of which is intrinsically...

Electronics Fuel cells Electrochemistry
27 MAR

Squeeze to remove heat: Elastocaloric materials may hold the key to more efficient...

Researchers from the Technocal University of Denmark: Elastocaloric effect opens the door to alternative forms of solid-state refrigeration that are direct replacements...

Energy Electromagnetism Metals and alloys
26 MAR

SEMIKRON Innovation Award 2015

The SEMIKRON Innovation Award 2015 to PhD student Mickey P. Madsen from Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering

Electrotechnology Energy
22 DEC

The 2nd edition of the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC) took...

Our PhD student Prasanth Thummala presents "DEAP" paper in Italy

Electrotechnology Energy
12 OCT

Nordic Power Converters a spinout company from the Electronics Group at the DTU...

On 1 September 2014, Nordic Power Converters (NPC) was started as a spinout from DTU Electrical Engineering with the founders as first employees.

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology
12 OCT

PhD student T.-Gabriel Zsurzsan from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering...

The ECCE Europe, organized by the EPE Association took take place from 26 August to the 28 August 2014 at the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in Lappeenranta...

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology
12 OCT

External stay at the University of Boulder, Colorado, USA

PhD student Khiem Nguyen-Duy from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering recently finished his external stay at the Colorado Power Electronics Center (CoPEC...

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology
12 OCT

External stay at the University of Toronto, Canada

PhD student Lina Huang from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering is back from her external stay. From May to July 2014, Lina joined the Laboratory for Power...

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology
11 JUL

Electronics Group represented at PCIM Asia 2014

Ziwei Ouyang Assistant Professor from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering was the winner of the "Young Engineer Award" and was honoured at the opening ceremony...

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology
14 JUN

InnovationsFonden grants DKK14 mio for new project

InnovationsFonden was established as of 1 April 2014 by bringing together research, technology development and innovation grants from the Danish Council of Strategic Research...

Electrotechnology Energy Environment and pollution Medicine and medico technology Wind energy Construction and mechanics IT systems Innovation and product development
14 JUN

Nordic Power Converters at the Cleantech Bazar at DTU on 22 May 2014

Nordic Power Converters is a soon-to-be spin-off company from DTU Elektro, specializing in cheap, small and efficient power converters.

Electrotechnology Energy Medicine and medico technology Wind energy
Foto: Søren Svendsen
20 MAY

DTU wins European Championship in green driving

DTU Roadrunners took first place in the Shell Eco Marathon on Sunday afternoon with their bioethanol-powered car called Dynamo, covering an impressive 599 km on the equivalent...

Construction and mechanics Combustion engines Engineering Electrotechnology Electronics Energy Energy efficiency Fossil fuels Energy production Climate change
12 FEB

EliteForsk Award for DTU researcher

Associate Professor Mads Brandbyge from DTU Nanotech has just received one of this year's five EliteForsk Awards presented by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and...

Electrotechnology Wind energy
05 FEB

DTU entrepreneurs win two of five categories in Venture Cup Idea Competition

DTU was represented in as many as nine of the 20 projects that made it to the finals and in four of five possible categories in this year's Venture Cup Idea Competition...

Energy Electrotechnology
18 SEP

Can green technologies power growth

DTU’s 2013 international energy conference turned the spotlight on how green technologies can help to power growth in our society. The conference concluded on 12 September...

Energy Construction and mechanics Electrotechnology Wind energy
04 SEP

Roskilde Sustainable Lab

  Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Elektro, was represented at this year’s Sustainable Lab at the Roskilde Festival with one of the Department’s electric vehicles...

Electronics Energy storage