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17 MAR

Big can be best when it comes to wind farms

Danish researchers have identified a method to assess the efficiency of different sized onshore and offshore wind farms. 

Wind energy
17 MAR

Østerild and Høvsøre to be expanded

Together with the Social Democrats, the Danish People’s Party, and the Socialist People’s Party, the Danish government has entered into an agreement to expand the national...

Wind energy
16 MAR

Østerild and Høvsøre test sites to be expanded

Together with the Social Democrats, the Danish People’s Party, and the Socialist People’s Party, the Danish government has entered into an agreement to expand the national...

Wind energy
14 MAR

Vestas 4-rotor concept turbine at DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus

Please view this video of the Vestas 4-rotor koncept turbine located at DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus. The turbine was erected in 2016 and will be tested in the coming years...

Wind energy
10 MAR

New professor at DTU Energy investigates the inner workings of batteries

Poul Norby has been appointed professor of materials research at DTU Energy. He is an expert in materials for batteries and will take part in establishing the new DTU...

Energy Energy storage Electrochemistry Energy systems
01 MAR

EnergyLab Nordhavn demonstrates first grid integrated battery storage in Denmark

Later this afternoon a large battery connected to the main grid in Nordhavn is officially inaugurated. The battery is part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn project, developing...

Energy Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy systems Solar energy Wind energy
28 FEB

Wind turbine blade life to be extended

Wind and weather are corroding wind turbine blades, shortening their service life. A new project launched by DTU Wind Energy aims to extend the life of wind turbine blades...

Wind energy
27 FEB

Major prize for portable ultrasound

Innovation Fund Denmark awarded five new prizes at the EliteForsk conference on 23 February. Four current and former DTU researchers were among the recipients.

Electronics Wind energy Image analysis Hardware and components Software and programming Computer calculations Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship Medicine and medico technology
27 FEB

New project: Improvement of the lives of wind turbine blades

Today, wind and weather eat into wind turbine blades and shortens the longevity. A new project launched by DTU Wind Energy will improve the endurance for the wind turbine...

Wind energy
27 FEB

Expert in X-ray scattering appointed professor at DTU Energy

Jens Wenzel Andreasen has been appointed professor of materials research at DTU Energy where he will take part in building the new DTU Imaging Center.

Energy Quantum theory and atomic physics Energy efficiency Solar energy Energy production
23 FEB

Elite Research travel grant allows Dominik to learn from the best

PhD-student Dominik Franjo Dominkovic from DTU Energy has been awarded the Elite Research travel grant by the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science.

Energy Energy efficiency Energy systems Energy production Energy storage
23 FEB

Old Inuit trick captures wind energy in stones

Using hot stones and steam turbines, DTU researchers seek new solutions for storing green surplus energy.

Wind energy Energy Energy storage
20 FEB

New detailed wind atlas in the pipeline

New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) goes live with new experiment in Portugal at the beginning of next month. The experiment will make it easier to place wind turbines, so we...

Wind energy
08 FEB

Danish wind turbine sets new record

A Vestas MHI wind turbine placed at Østerild - National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines has set a new world record for the production of energy for offshore wind turbines...

Wind energy
26 JAN

Kick-starting electrical trains using floating magnets

A novel floating magnetic flywheel will reduce peak loads on the electricity grid when the train services in Denmark become fully electrified. The flywheel and the integrated...

Electrotechnology Energy Electromagnetism Energy storage Energy efficiency
20 JAN

First Danish researcher receives data from MAX IV

Just before Christmas the first Danish researchers led by professor Jens Wenzel Andreasen from DTU Energy received data from experiments at MAX IV. The results will help...

19 JAN

Electrocatalysis can advance green transition

Renewable energy is providing an increasing share of the energy supply, but to ensure the green transition continues, it must also be able to furnish us with the fuels...

Catalysis Micro and nanotechnology Metals and alloys Nanoparticles Fuel cells Energy storage Fossil fuels Solar energy Wind energy
13 JAN

Yifeng Zhang, Bioenergy

Environmental Electrochemistry in Next Generation: From Water to Energy, Biofuels, Chemicals and more. By Dr. Yifeng Zhang, DTU Environment

12 JAN

Six new models for oil recovery

Two years after the Center for Oil and Gas — DTU was established, six models have been identified to demonstrate how a greater proportion of Denmark’s oil and gas can...

Energy Fossil fuels
Electronics (DTU Elektro)
11 JAN

Next Generation Power Supplies and their applications in mobility and electrolysis...

New project for the Electronics Group resulting in one more postdoc and one more PhD student

Electrotechnology Energy
Electronics (Photo: DTU Elektro)
06 JAN

The LEDLUM EU project mentioned on the "" of the news magazine "Ingeniøren...

The LEDLUM EU project on very small sized LED converters is just now on the "" homepages of the news magazine "Ingeniøren".

Electrotechnology Energy
27 DEC

Project LEDLUM: Tiny light engine for large scale LED lighting

LEDLUM develops a highly integrated cost competitive light engine technology platform for Solid State Lighting (SSL) connected directly to the electrical power grid...

Electrotechnology Energy
21 DEC

Win(d) or lose

Changing governments have created uncertainty about Denmark's commitment to wind energy in recent years. The sector is seeing fluctuating funding, general cutbacks on research...

Wind energy Electricity supply Energy
21 DEC

Four-in-one wind turbine

Vestas’ new demonstration wind turbine at the DTU Risø Campus is a radical new approach to making the price of wind power even more competitive.

Wind energy Electricity supply Energy
21 DEC

Danish technology revolutionizing wind measurement

The more you know about the wind a wind turbine is exposed to, the better you can optimize the turbine's lifetime and power output. DTU researchers have invented a wind...

Wind energy Electricity supply Energy
21 DEC

Ikea lamp held answer

The idea for the wind scanner was born in Ikea's accessories department.

Energy Wind energy
Thue Trofod fik forskningspris
15 DEC

Thue Trofod honored for his research in printed solar cells

Postdoc Thue Trofod from DTU Energy has received the Jorck Foundation Research Award 2016 in recognition of his dedication and good research on the latest generation...

Energy Solar energy
13 DEC

Wood ash as a cement replacement reduces CO2 emissions

Researchers at DTU Civil Engineering wish to conduct research on the possibility of replacing parts of cement in concrete production with wood ash. The method will produce...

Construction materials Waste management Energy efficiency
13 DEC

Over 26.000 citations for being pioneer in solar cells

The secret to be one of the most cited scientists on any given topic is to be one of the pioneers within an up and coming field of research. To Prof. Frederik C. Krebs...

Energy Solar energy
12 DEC

Gold medal for excellent research to postdoc Maria Escudero Escribano

Selected from a field of 90 gifted researchers, post doc Maria Escudero Escribano from DTU Physics was awarded the gold medal of the European Young Chemist Award (EYCA...

Chemistry Catalysis Fuel cells
07 DEC

First new labs ready to use in building 375 at DTU

The overarching purpose of DHRTC is to identify new technological and conceptual solutions that boost oil and gas recovery from the Danish North Sea. In that light, it...

Energy Fossil fuels Energy production Geology Mapping and surveying Raw materials and raw materials exploitation Chemistry Ships and offshore constructions
07 DEC

Disclosing complex mechanisms in a simple way is deemed very HOT

An article by researchers from DTU Energy has been selected as a HOT article for 2016 by the editors of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry
06 DEC

DTU sets new record with extremely low degradation rate in fuel cells

DTU Energy, the clean technology company Danish Power Systems and partners have attained the best operating stability of high temperature polymer fuel cells ever seen...

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry
30 NOV

Brainstorming the technologies of the future

Every other year the US National Academy of Engineering and the European Council of Academies of Applied Science, Technologies and Engineering bring together a number of...

Megha Rao won a price for her poster presentation at DTU Energys annual PhD Symposium 2016
23 NOV

Industry got insight into the latest Danish energy research

DTU Energy held its annual PhD symposium with industrial participation at DTU Lyngby Campus where PhD students could discuss their research with scientists and representatives...

Energy Bioenergy Fuel cells Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy systems Solar energy Electromagnetism Sensors Electrochemistry Catalysis
22 NOV

New residents in EnergyLab Nordhavn

When residents later this month will move in to newly renovated apartments in Frihavnstårnet in Nordhavn 13 apartments have agreed to participate in the EnergyLab Nordhavn...

Tian Lei succesfully defended his PhD
21 NOV

Tian uses supercomputers to design active magnetic regenerators for magnetic refrigeration

On Monday, 14 November Tian Lei from DTU Energy successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title: ”Modeling of active magnetic regenerators and experimental investigation...

Electromagnetism Energy Magnets Energy efficiency
08 NOV

Stefano cools sensitive electronics to a refreshing 175°C working environment...

Stefano Soprani from DTU Energy has successfully defended his Industrial PhD thesis "Active Cooling of a Down Hole Well Tractor”.

Energy Electrochemistry Fossil fuels
08 NOV

Oxygen and chemicals for the first refuelling station on Mars

When astronauts first set foot on Mars in the 2030s, a ‘petrol station’ will be ready for them, with oxygen and fuel for the trip home. DTU researcher Chris Graves is one...

Space research Energy Chemistry
03 NOV

Get insight into the latest research within sustainable energy technologies

Do not miss this unique opportunity to get insight into the latest research within sustainable energy technologies – join DTU Energy’s annual PhD symposium on 18 November...

Energy Bioenergy Fuel cells Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Solar energy Magnets Electrochemistry
02 NOV

PhD defence: Designing optimal magnets for magnetocaloric heat pumps

On November 1, 2016 Andrea Roberto Insinga from DTU Energy successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title “Optimising Magnetostatic Assemblies”.

Magnets Energy Energy efficiency
01 NOV

Sino-Danish workshop opened for more research in non-polluting energy production

DTU Energy hosted this year’s Denmark-China Bilateral Workshop on Energy Conversion and Storage and over the two-day workshop the participants from DTU, three Chinese...

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production
25 OCT

Major structural fund project wins prestigious EU award

The largest infrastructure project in Danish history has won the prestigious ‘RegioStars Award 2016’. DTU has contributed with research

Energy Solar energy Wind energy
14 OCT

Better water management will make oil extraction more efficient in the future

New development partnership will minimize human error in the management of the constantly increasing volume of water processed on platforms in the Danish part of the North...

Robot technology and automation Electrotechnology Energy efficiency Energy production Ships and offshore constructions Fossil fuels
07 OCT

New professor at DTU to ensure efficient power components

The Department of Electrical Engineering just strengthened its core competencies in the area of power components for distributed energy systems with the appointment of...

Electrotechnology Energy
06 OCT

It is all about partnerships

More than 400 local stakeholders, business representatives and international experts met in Copenhagen for the annual CPH Climate Solutions conference on 3 - 4 October...

Energy Electrotechnology
03 OCT

DTU collaboration with China could save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions

DTU Electrical Engineering has launched an ambitious collaboration project with China that will increase the proportion of green energy in the electricity grid and ensure...

Electrotechnology Energy Energy systems Energy storage Energy production Electricity supply
26 SEP

EnergyLab Nordhavn present at Climate Week in New York

EnergyLab Nordhavn pointed out as best-case in public-private partnerships promoting and working towards achieving the global goals for sustainable and clean energy.

13 SEP

DTU e-conference saves the atmosphere large amounts of CO2

Researchers can save the atmosphere huge amounts of CO 2 and lots of resources and money on top if they start participating in electronic conferences instead of travelling...

Solar energy Fossil fuels
06 SEP

World’s first electric car fleet supplying electricity to the grid

DTU is heading the testing of new technology which will enable a fleet of electric cars to supply power to the grid.

Energy Electricity supply Energy systems
06 SEP

New heat pump stretches towards higher efficiency

A group of researchers at DTU Energy have demonstrated a novel type of heat pump based on materials which heat up when they are stretched. The potential for high efficiency...

30 AUG

World-class data research centre opens

A new data management and software centre linked to the European Spallation Source (ESS) recently opened in Copenhagen. Among other things, the centre will help to underpin...

Materials Energy Food, fish and agriculture Biotechnology and biochemistry Information technology Medicine and medico technology
11 AUG

New research centre can create breakthroughs in fossil fuel alternatives

A grant of DKK 150 million from VILLUM FONDEN will enable a group of the world’s leading researchers to seek new energy, fuel and chemical alternatives to replace oil...

Solar energy Fossil fuels Energy production Energy storage Climate adaption
05 AUG

Paper by DTU scientists joins exclusive club

A paper on materials for fuel cells, written by three professors at DTU Energy, has been cited more than 1000 times. This makes it among the 0.03 per cent most cited scientific...

Energy Fuel cells
04 AUG

At the forefront of solar power

Sunshine can be hard to predict. However, new software will make it possible to predict the electricity production from a photovoltaic (solar cell) system.

Energy Solar energy Wind energy Software and programming Computer calculations
11 JUL

DTU Energy’s annual PhD symposium on 18 November 2016

DTU Energy invites you to participate in the department’s annual PhD symposium. The venue of the symposium is DTU’s meeting centre, building 101A, Anker Engelunds Vej...

07 JUL

PetroPhase 2016 held in Helsingør

PetroPhase 2016 - The 17th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling was held in Helsingør from Sunday the 19 th June to Thursday the 23...

Energy production Fossil fuels Energy
Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen
01 JUL

EU research commissioner visits DTU

During his one-day visit in Copenhagen, the EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science stopped by DTU, where he was given an insight into how universities can...

01 JUL

DTU to collaborate on fuel cells with world’s largest natural gas importer

The energy company Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), the world’s largest importer of liquid natural gas, has signed a memorandum of understanding with DTU, paving the way...

Energy Fuel cells
30 JUN

DTU is Europe's Leading Technical University in the Energy Sector

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has recently been ranked as number 2 in the world and number one among the European universities in the category Energy Science and...

29 JUN

Major energy savings for food industry: drying with air dehumidifiers

Drying is used in many industrial processes, for example in food production, and drying processes account for a substantial part of energy consumption in the industry...

Energy Energy systems Production and management
24 JUN

World-class wind tunnel for DTU

A symbolic groundbreaking ceremony has been held at DTU Risø Campus  to mark the start of the construction of a unique national wind tunnel. The wind tunnel, which is...

Wind energy
23 JUN

New test centre to strengthen energy technology exports

When the test and development centre PowerLabDK at DTU opens its doors today, 23 June, three new laboratories will be inaugurated, which will focus on the energy sector...

22 JUN

European consortium will develop electrolysis for efficient storage of renewable...

A new European research project coordinated by DTU Energy will develop and validate innovative electrolysis technologies to convert excess renewable electricity into methane...

Energy Energy storage
22 JUN

DTU Energy strengthens collaboration with China on fuel cells and electrolysis

Researchers from DTU Energy have co-organized a Sino-Danish forum on solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysis to strengthen their collaboration with the Chinese research...

Energy Fuel cells Energy storage
17 JUN

Ultra strong fully bio based composite materials from the BIO4SELF project

DTU Wind Energy is part of the newly launched Horizon 2020 project BIO4SELF. Within this innovation project and as a part of a European consortium DTU Wind Energy will...

Materials Wind energy
15 JUN

EcoGrid wins sustainability prize

Last night EcoGrid EU won the prestigious EU Sustainable Energy Award 2016 as the best energy project with consumers in Europe. The project won after rigorous review of...

Electrotechnology Energy
14 JUN

Grand Opening af PowerLabDK - Sidste chance for tilmelding og detaljeret program

Husk at tilmelde dig indvielsen af PowerLabDK den 23. juni, hvis du vil mærke, høre og se, hvordan vi kan hjælpe din virksomhed med tests, udvikling og demonstration af...

Energy Electrotechnology
10 JUN

Solar and wind power on cruise control

In the infancy of the electricity grid, there was a need for systems capable of maintaining a stable voltage level and for the availability of additional power in the event...

Energy Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy systems Power stations Wind energy
08 JUN

New battery concept promises more compact energy storage

A new European Horizon 2020 research project with the participation of DTU Energy will explore a completely new class of materials for lithium-ion-batteries – materials...

Energy Energy storage
02 JUN

DTU Energy scientist inducted into the Young Academy of Denmark

Senior researcher Rasmus Bjørk from DTU Energy has been inducted into the Young Academy of Denmark, a forum for young talented scientists under the auspices of the Royal...

24 MAY

Salt and solar heat can power future houses

Salt and solar heat can be used to replace fossil fuels for heating houses. A new PhD thesis is testing two prototypes, where solar energy is stored in a salt compound...

Energy storage Solar energy Energy production Energy efficiency
19 MAY

Electrolysis research receives prize for best project

Senior scientist Ming Chen from DTU Energy has received the ForskEL-prize 2016 for his project “Solid Oxide Electrolysis for Grid Balancing” which represents an important...

Energy Electricity supply Energy storage Energy systems
19 MAY

Hydrogen society tested on Orkney Islands

DTU Energy is participating in a major European project on the Orkney Islands to demonstrate a hydrogen society on a megawatt scale.

Energy Energy storage Energy production
03 MAY

Presentation awards for research on in-situ burning of oil

A PhD student and a Master’s student from DTU have recently won 1st places in presentation awards for their research in in-situ burning of oil. One of the awards was won...

Waste management Fossil fuels Raw materials and raw materials exploitation Polar research Fire prevention technology and safety Environmental chemistry
28 APR

Danish ambassador visits DTU Energy at the Hannover Messe trade fair

The Danish ambassador in Germany, Friis Arne Petersen, visited DTU Energy at the Hannover Messe where he learned about the department and its test center for fuel cell...

Energy Fuel cells
28 APR

Annual Report from DTU Mechanical Engineering out now

In our annual report you can get an overview of current research at the department, or you can see the key figures for our production of graduates, PhD theses and publications...

Energy Construction and mechanics Production and management Materials
27 APR

Head of Department Søren Linderoth joins the board of World Energy Council in...

Head of department Søren Linderoth from DTU Energy has become a member of the board of the Danish National Committee of the World Energy Council, an organisation working...

Energy Energy storage Energy systems
26 APR

Germany pushes forward in energy conversion

DTU Energy professor to advise large German research effort within energy conversion technologies.

Energy Energy storage
21 APR

New concept wind turbine tested at DTU

DTU has entered into cooperation with Vestas on the testing of a completely new type of wind turbine which has four rotors instead of one. Vestas’ new concept turbine...

Wind energy
20 APR

Young Investigator Grant for studying sugar transport in plants

Assistant Professor Kaare H. Jensen, DTU Physics, receives a Young Investigator Grant of EURO 0.6 million from the Villum Foundation for research on biomimetic plants...

Physics Bioenergy Biological systems
17 APR

Two papers presented at the ICIT in Taipei, Taiwan

Electronics Group represented again this year by one PhD student and three BSc students.

Electrotechnology Energy
17 APR

Micromanipulator Company's 2210-LS Probe Station for the Electronics Group at...

DTU Electrical Engineering has installed their first Probe Station 2210-LS at their DTU Lyngby Campus in Denmark. The system level probe station will be used by the Electronics...

Electrotechnology Energy
13 APR

Waste heat from ship engines can be used for electricity production

In industry, there are many sources of low-temperature heat—heat which is often found in connection with waste products such as the hot exhaust gases from a ship’s combustion...

Energy Energy production Energy systems Fossil fuels Construction and mechanics Combustion engines Ships and offshore constructions
11 APR

EcoGrid 2.0 Kick-off - Flexibility for users is key to succes

The EcoGrid 2.0 project's vision is to develop, test and demonstrate an electricity market for flexibility, that meets the customers' daily needs and make it easy to choose...

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy systems Wind energy Solar energy Electrical engineering
06 APR

Printed transistors pave the way for intelligent windows

Researchers at DTU Energy have shown that transistors – the fundamental building block of all electronic circuits – can be quickly and cheaply printed on a polymer foil...

Polymers Solar energy Energy
05 APR

Cheaper platinum alloys for fuel cells

Fuel cells are attractive as eco-friendly energy sources, for example for hydrogen-powered vehicles. But due to the large amounts of expensive platinum required, they...

Fuel cells Energy production Catalysis
04 APR

PhD Defence 11th April: "Tank designs for combined high pressure gas and solid...

Andrea Mazzucco from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Tank designs for combined high pressure gas and solid state hydrogen storage" Monday, 11th April, at...

Energy Construction and mechanics Transport and logistics
04 APR

New project will convert surplus power into environmentally friendly chemicals

A wide variety of chemicals and materials which we use today require energy intensive and environmentally harmful synthesis methods.  The new research project, Proactive...

Energy Physics Chemistry Electrochemistry Catalysis
01 APR

Cheaper platinum alloys for fuel cells

Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) are attractive as zero-emission sources of power, particularly well-suited for automotive vehicles. However, the use of...

Physics Catalysis Fuel cells Energy efficiency
01 APR

DTU expert appointed to new Energy Commission

Professor Jacob Østergaard, Head of the Centre for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Electrical Engineering has been awarded a seat on the Danish government’s new Energy...

Electrotechnology Energy
29 MAR

PhD Defence 5th April: "Industrial heat pumps for high temperature process applications...

Jonas Kjær Jensen from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Industrial heat pumps for high temperature process applications. A numerical study of the ammonia-water...

Energy Energy production Energy systems Construction and mechanics
14 MAR

Now trucks and buses will run on manure

By upgrading biogas from manure and other sources it can be used in the form of methane as fuel for heavy vehicles. Novel nanostructured materials will make this upgrade...

Energy Bioenergy Nanoparticles Transport and logistics
11 MAR

The cities can become fossil-free, if they think 'smart'

Cities are major energy consumers and thus also CO 2 emitters. However, it is precisely the many different urban infrastructures and energy units that may be the key...

Electronics Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy storage Fossil fuels Energy production Energy systems IT systems Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage
11 MAR

Light on tomorrow’s city

In mid-December, the conclusion of the UN's International Year of Light 2015 was marked with a conference in the Black Diamond, the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Here...

Light sources Sensors Energy efficiency Data analysis Software and programming Computer calculations
11 MAR

Software saves millions on urban heating

For the sake of safety, district heating water was previously heated more than adequately. Using software developed at DTU, the temperature in the network is lowered...

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Air pollution IT systems Software and programming Energy efficiency Energy production Power stations
11 MAR

Clean water on green power

Ingenious software enables operators to move the most energy-consuming processes of the wastewater system to times of the day with plenty of cheap renewable energy. In...

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Computer calculations Data analysis Software and programming IT systems Energy efficiency Energy production
07 MAR

Millions to fund renovation of older public apartment buildings

DTU and a number of partners have signed an investment agreement with Innovation Fund Denmark that provides 35 million DKK for a research project. The money will be used...

Indoor climate Energy efficiency Innovation and product development
07 MAR

Million-kroner support for the climate and the environment

Innovation Fund Denmark has invested almost DKK 150 million in projects led by DTU. Two themes appear again and again: green transition and the prospect of actual jobs...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Transport and logistics Energy Chemistry Materials Environment and pollution Information technology