Food, fish and agriculture

Food, fish and agriculture

DTU has sea/farm-to-table expertise, and is working to promote health and prevent diseases among animals and humans. We want to contribute to sustainable food production and the optimal utilization of marine resources; to limit infectious diseases among animals—some of which can be transferred to humans—and to ensure that consumers have access to healthy, safe, high-quality foods.

Research subjects

Nutrition and dietary habits Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish Food quality Food production Food safety Food technology Aquaculture Livestock diseases Production animals Health-promoting compounds

Departments and Centres

DTU Aqua

National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) conducts research, provides advice, educates at university level and contributes to innovation in sustainable exploitation and management of aquatic resources. We investigate the biology and population ecology of aquatic organisms, aquatic...

DTU Chemical Engineering

DTU Chemical Engineering’s main activities lie within the areas of product design, process design and production in the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, food technological and energy technological industries.

DTU Environment

Welcome to DTU Environment. We work at the highest international level to develop new environmentally friendly & sustainable technologies and disseminate this knowledge to society and the new generations of engineers. Our activities in research, teaching and innovation are focused on: Air...

National Food Institute

The National Food Institute researches and communicates sustainable and value-adding solutions in the areas of food and health for the benefit of society and industry.


DTU Vet conducts research in infectious animal diseases. We are interested in finding out more about the pathogenesis, spreading and symptoms of the diseases and eventually develop new vaccines against them. Also, we educate engineers and veterinary students in Pharmaceutical Design and...