How research responds to major societal challenges

We are faced with a wide range of unlimited challenges within the environment and climate, energy supply, health, food, IT, transport, and construction.

Through world-leading research, DTU wants to create value for society and people, and to deliver technologies and solutions to major societal challenges.

It is Denmark’s ambition to be independent of fossil fuels by 2050. Much of DTU’s research is contributing to this transition.


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Large parts of our society are controlled by computer and sensor technology. DTU conducts research into how digital technologies can provide us with a sustainable future.


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The world faces an ever-growing number of health challenges. DTU conducts research into technological solutions aimed at contributing to developments within the health sector.


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Global warming is causing drastic changes to our climate. DTU contributes know-how and innovative solutions for tackling the various climate changes.


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Urbanization is posing huge challenges for cities. DTU develops solutions that make it possible for people to live sustainably in cities.


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