Meetings and events

If you are responsible for an activity involving others, it is then your responsibility that the instructions are followed and to ensure that the activity can be carried out accordingly with respect for DTU's reputation.

The event must be approved by your manager.

On Monday, October 26, 2020, an assembly ban of 10 people came into force. The limit for assemblies of 10 people is provisionally valid until 22 November. Organizers should consider the extent to which a specific event is necessary for DTU's core business (ie teaching and research), and in its risk assessment one should squint at the size of the assembly ban.

The following questions will help you assess whether an event can be conducted properly:

  • Is a physical assembly necessary, or can the need be met with a virtual meeting?
  • Is the event's personal load adapted to the actual circumstances or should the event be divided into several stages or locations?
  • Can the assembly comply with distance requirements guidelines (including on arrival, seating, breaks, departure)?
  • Can the assembly adhere to hygiene guidelines?
  • Can the length of the assembly be shortened?
  • Are there sufficient visible information material about infection prevention?
  • Are catering and other meeting services necessary? (e.g. will many touch the same coffee pot, or gather in groups for sandwiches?)
  • Are there any special cleaning needs before, during, or after the event?
  • Are there participants in risk groups where special considerations are necessary?
  • Are there participants who were in risk areas immediately before the assembly?

Before the start of the event, one of the organizers must read a safety briefing aloud to the participants. It aims to inform about the most important guidelines - and about any special guidelines that apply to the individual event. You will find the safety briefing in Danish and English here.

Organizers must also gather contact info for every participant (i.e. full name, email, phone number) - preferably in advance and electronically. You may want to use this template. Contact details must be kept for 14 days following the event.

If the event has an open house element, measures must be taken to ensure that the personal load does not compromise the distance requirement among those present.

If you are an organizer at a site outside DTU, you must start a collaboration with the site's operations manager and together create a reasonable framework.