The following is general hygiene advice from the authorities' joint website coronasmitte.dk.

Respiratory infections, such as coronavirus, spread among other things via handshakes, surfaces or droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Good hygiene is the very best way to prevent coronavirus infection. This applies not only to the protection of oneself, but also to the protection of others - especially the elderly and the weak.

The National Board of Health encourages everyone to follow five good advice to protect themselves and others from infection. This applies both to workplaces, but also to for example public transport.

Five good tips

  1. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sprays
  2. Cough or sneeze in your sleeve - not your hands
  3. Avoid handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs - limit physical contact
  4. Ensure good hygiene and cleaning: Air out and clean surfaces that are touched by many hands (door handles, tables, fixtures, toilets, etc.) ”.Ensure good hand hygiene
  5. Everyone should keep their distance. Also, ask others to pay attention

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