Respiratory infections, such as coronavirus, spread among other things via handshakes, surfaces or droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Good hygiene is the very best way to prevent coronavirus infection. This applies not only to the protection of oneself, but also to the protection of others - especially the elderly and the weak.

When you are at DTU’s facilities, you must therefore adhere to these guidelines:

  • Good hand hygiene - wash hands / use hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol) frequently
  • Cough into your sleeve - not your hand
  • Avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses - limit physical contact.
  • Pay extra attention to cleaning (see below).
  • Keep your distance - also at work and during transport 
    • There must be at least one meter between people in larger rooms.
    • Remember that even if you are alone in the room, you may not be the only one using it.
    • Avoid assembly - both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ensure good ventilation

It is the responsibility of DTU to make sure that increased cleaning is taken care of and that the distance requirements can be complied with. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that one's workplace, desktop,keyboard, phone and other equipment is cleaned.

  • Be sure to tidy up for the regular cleaning.
  • Help out sanitizing - e.g. door handles, light switches, taps, coffee makers and copiers.
  • Start the day with good hand hygiene. Be sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you come to work.
  • You should sanitize your cell phone before sharing it with others.
  • Finish your workday by cleaning your workstation with cleaning wipes, alcohol or regular cleaning products.
  • Pay particular attention to good hygiene when visiting the toilet.
  • Keep information about coronavirus and minimizing spread available. Please use the posters from the Danish Health Authority available via the menu to the left..

Staff with much contact to employees and students (e.g. in laboratories, workshops, the receprion and the library) should be protected with either protective gear or layout of the workplace.

If you have any questions, please contact your manager or occupational health and safety coordinator.

Read more in the FAQ from the Danish Health Authority 

Read more at coronasmitte.dk

For questions about, e.g. cleaning, requesting hand sanitizer or protective equipment, please contact CAS through your units normal channels.