Sickness and contact tracing

Temporary rules and restrictions apply regarding testing and being identified as a close contact.

Temporary rules and restrictions regarding testing and being identified as a close contact

  • In this period, you are identified as a close contact, if you have been within a 2 meter distance from an infected person for more than 15 minutes.
  • If you are identified as a close contact, you must go into self isolation immediately and follow a set test program with two PCR tests on day four and day six after contact with the infected person. The isolation must only be broken when there is a negative test result from the 6th-day test.
  • If you should choose to take a Quick test, this must be followed by a PCR test, if the test result is positive from the Quick test. See the updated guidelines from the Danish Health Authorities here.
  • Following a second negative test result, close contacts to infected people with a more contagious virus variant, such as B.1.1.7, should continue to pay special attention to Danish Health Authority's general recommendations and show special consideration for people in increased risk.

Information for students

Guidance for students who have been tested positive with COVID-19.

Guidance for infection detection in students (login to

Information for managers

As a manager you must report to DTU if one of your employees is tested positive with COVID-19.

Process for infection registration and contact tracking (login to

Get the app Smitte|stop

DTU recommends that you download the app Smitte|stop which is designed to help Danish public health authorities contain the spread of COVID-19.

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