Sickness and contact tracing

If you are sick or have symptoms of illness, stay at home. If you get symptoms or get sick while you are at work, go home.

Staff and students must follow the normal sick leave procedures; notify your immediate supervisor and follow DTU's sick leave guidelines. tell her/him that you suspect COVID-19.

You should avoid close contact with other people, including those in your own household or college. Stay home until you are completely healthy. You are considered sick when there are symptoms of illness - even mild symptoms. DTU recommend that you get tested for COVID-19.

If you are tested positive you must inform your manager/supervisor. DTU would like to have a picture of Covid-19 infected among its employees and students.

  • Employees must also follow the steps in 'Guidance on infection registration and contact tracking' via the menu to the left.
  • Students must also follow the steps in 'Guidance for infection detection in students' found via 'For students' in the menu on the left.

With regards to COVID-19, you are considered healthy when two days have passed after the symptoms have ceased. Only then can you return to DTU.

Please follow the Danish Health Authority’s general advice to people who have been infected. See the general advice in the Danish Health Authority’s FAQ.

Reimbursement of salary expenses

Furthermore, DTU can receive reimbursement for salary expenses from the first day of sickness for employees affected by Covid19. The health authorities do not automatically inform DTU that you have been tested positive.

In order for DTU to seek reimbursement during your illness, it is important that you:

  1. fill out the declaraton of faith and promise (click here) and send it an attachment to your manager and to the mailbox: AHR-sygemelding-langtids
  2. register your illness with 99999-Absence / COVID-19 in DTU Allocation or notify your Allocation-registration-person if this is the method your department uses.