If you get ill

If you're sick, stay at home. If you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, contact your doctor or emergency physician. 80% only get mild symptoms and do not need to contact a doctor. However, you can still transmit the infection even if you are slightly ill.

Do not show up in the doctor's waiting room unless you have an appointment.

You should continue to avoid close contact with other people, including those in your own household or college. And stay home until you are completely healthy.

It is important to minimize the spread of infection, read more under 'Hygiene' in the menu on the left.

Staff and students must follow the normal sick leave procedures; notify your immediate supervisor and follow DTU's sick leave guidelines. Read Q & A's for staff and students in the menu on the left.

COVID-19 is now suspected on the symptoms alone, because it is as widespread in Denmark as outside. If the doctor wishes, tests can be taken for diagnostics purposes (this will probably become more widespread as new analyzers come into use).

Minimize the spread of the infection

  1. Ensure good hand hygiene. Also when handling food or blowing your nose
  2. Do not prepare / serve food to others if you have symptoms
  3. Use a disposable handkerchief to blow your nose. Used handkerchiefs must  be disposed of immediately after use (plastic bag or flushed out of toilet)
  4. Cough in elbow
  5. Keep your laundry separate from others. Wash (with as high a temperature as possible if you are well enough to do your own laundry. If you care for others who are sick, then wash or disinfect your hands after touching the sick person or his or her laundry.