Guidance and rules during reopening


DTU follows the authorities’ requirements for a controlled and careful reopening of our activities.   

When you are at DTU’s facilities, you are expected to comply with the Danish Health Authority's general advice:

  • Keep 2 meters distance whenever possible and always at least 1 meter. Avoid handshakes, kisses, and hugs
  • If you develop symptoms, go home and get tested
  • Ventilate and create a draft and avoid being too many together
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve
  • Remember to wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer 
  • Clean, especially surfaces that many touches

A number of areas have their own pages with guidelines, for example: Sickness and contact tracingTravelMeetings and events.

Students are referred to the guidelines in 'Guidance and rules during reopening'.

Requirement for valid corona passport

Indoors in DTU's areas, everyone must be able to show a valid corona passport - i.e. be able to document a negative test result (antigen- or PCR-test) that is at most 72 hours old (from the time of testing) or be exempt from the requirement, cf. below. 

Employees on duty on-call must ensure that they are tested at appropriate intervals to document this test result at any time.

Under no circumstances may you attend DTU if you have tested positive and have not yet completed the course of the illness/quarantine period.

Documentation for the covid-19 test can be in paper format or electronically. The documentation for the covid-19 test must include the following information:

  • The person tested corresponds to the name on the person's student or employee card, passport, driving license, or other publicly issued identity cards
  • The time of the test
  • The result of the test

However, the requirement does not apply to students, staff, visitors and other persons associated with the institution who:

  1. for medical reasons should not have a PCR or antigen test for covid-19,
  2. as a result of a physical or mental disability should not have a PCR or antigen test performed for covid-19,
  3. have previously been infected with covid-19 within a specified period, to the extent that they can present evidence of a positive test result performed by PCR test for covid-19 and which is a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 8 months old,
  4. may provide evidence of an initiated covid-19 vaccination course, where a covid-19 vaccination course is considered to have begun at least 14 days and at most 42 days after the first dose, or
  5. can present documentation of a completed vaccination course against covid-19. If a vaccination course against covid-19 requires two or more doses, it is considered completed immediately after the final dose. If a vaccination course against covid-19 requires only one dose, it is considered to have been completed 14 days after this one dose.

See also: How test results are checked at DTU

There are test centres for DTU's students and employees at Lyngby, Risø and Ballerup Campus. Read more.