Travelling and returning

UPDATE March 18: All unnecessary travel is not advised. DTU employees abroad should contact their nearest manager to clarify the situation.

Danish authorities advise against all unnecessary travel around the world until Monday 13 April. DTU therefore asks staff and students to cancel all trips abroad under the auspices of the university. If you are abroad contact your manager or tutor.

Employees who are on a short-term mission abroad must follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guide and are expected to return home if possible.

DTU is in the process of contacting all students who are abroad and students who are about to leave for example. exchange.

Employees, including PhD students who are on a long-term stay abroad, who are unsure whether DTU expects them to return to Denmark should contact their immediate manager.

A decision on whether the employee should stay abroad will be based on these considerations:

  • How long is the stay expected to last beyond April 13, 2020?
  • How does the employee assess the risk of infection and the quality of the local health system?
  • How intrusive will home travel be in relation to the employee's private situation, including housing, family relationships, etc.?
  • How will returning home affect the core assignment?

In addition, the following applies to residence abroad

Long-term travel planning can be continued if compatible with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' risk assesments at the time of departure and comply with the authorities' requirements in Denmark and in the country concerned. In special cases, University Director Claus Nielsen can dispense.

Everyone returning to Denmark must follow the National Board of Health's recommendations to stay home for 14 days after returning home.

Staff and students staying abroad must be aware that guidance and restrictions can change quickly. There may also be local precautions to be noted.

Stay tuned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guides and embassies' websites.