Travel and arrival from abroad

Update 14 January: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to the whole world.

For students: Please go to 'Travel and arrival from abroad for students'.

Specific travel restrictions  applicable from 9 January til 7 February (may be extended):

  • Any planned trips abroad under the auspices of DTU must be cancelled immediately. Student exchange stays are, however, excempt.
  • Entry into Denmark is not possible for international students who do not, at present, reside in Denmark. It is no longer a worthy purpose, to have been accepted to a Danish University.
  • International employees or PhD students with an employment contract, who are moving to Denmark, must present a negative test that is at most 24 hours old upon entry and present employment documentation. Residents of South Africa or the UK, cannot enter, despite employment.
  • Persons with Danish residence, Danish citizenship or holding a valid residence permit to Denmark may travel into Denmark for any purpose without bringing a negative COVID-19 test unless they travel by plane.
  • Danish citizens, persons residing in Denmark and persons with a valid residence permit in Denmark who arrive by plane must present a negative COVID-19 test carried out no more than 24 hours before boarding.
  • DTU employees and students residing in the border country (Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, Southern Sweden (Blekinge and Skåne counties) and West Sweden (Halland and Västra Götaland counties)), who have a worthy purpose, must be able to present a negative test upon entry, that is a maximum of one week old.
  • The authorities recommend that travellers have a PCR test (ie not a quick test) within 72 hours after the entry test has been performed.

Please stay up to date with the new regulations: