Travel and arrival from abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against any kind of travel to all countries.

Specific travel restrictions are applicable until 20 April. In this period, the following restrictions are applicable:


  • Any planned trips abroad under the auspices of DTU must be cancelled immediately. External PhD stays of longer durations, typically 3 months, and student exchange are exempt.


  • Danish citizens, persons residing in Denmark and persons with a valid residence permit in Denmark who arrive by plane must present a negative COVID-19 test carried out no more than 24 hours before boarding and also take a test at the airport upon arrival in Denmark. When arriving in Denmark from abroad you must go into 10 days isolation. The isolation may be cancelled when you have a negative PCR test performed on no earlier than day 4 from your arrival in Denmark. For further information - e.g. regarding arrival by land or sea - see
  • Holiday/private travel: First and foremost, be aware that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel abroad up to and including 20 April 2021 - ie. including the Easter week. If you choose to travel, any consequences of the trip will be considered self-inflicted. It is expected that you discuss with your manager if you plan any private travel abroad. In addition, it must be agreed whether it is possible to work from home during the isolation period upon your return to Denmark. If this is not possible, the isolation period will be without salary.


    Especially for international employees:

  • International employees or PhD students with an employment contract, who are moving to Denmark, must present a negative test that is at most 24 hours old upon entry and present employment documentation. Residents of South Africa cannot enter Denmark, despite employment.


  • New international employees (without permanent residence in Denmark) travelling to Denmark from abroad to work at DTU are subject to test-requirements before and after entry (max. 24 hours before entry and max. 24 hours after entry). (Learn more at Workplace Denmark). The incoming employee must have performed a PCR test no earlier than 48 hours and no later than 96 hours after the first test that ensured entry into Denmark. The employee must also stay in isolation for 10 days following entry or until a negative PCR test is available. DTU must receive documentation for the PCR test. Read more: Employees travelling to Denmark from other countries: PCR test requirements


    Especially for employees and students living in the border countries:

  • Please stay updated on regulations specifically for persons residing in the border country at (link in Danish).


    Especially for students:

  • Entry into Denmark is not possible for international students who do not, at present, reside in Denmark. It is no longer a worthy purpose for entry into Denmark, to have been accepted to a Danish University.



Please stay up to date with the new regulations: