Zoom and security

Several organizations have expressed doubts about the security of the Zoom video conferencing tool. DTU is comfortable with the dedicated Zoom service (https://dtudk.zoom.us), which is provided by DeiC (www.deic.dk), the university's joint provider of e-infrastructure, and DTU still recommends this solution for DTU's ordinary activities when they have to be performed online.

This service is run from servers located in Nordic data centers.

DTU has received a satisfactory account from DeiC of the safety of Zoom and, incidentally, has no reason to believe that Zoom as a product should be neither better nor inferior to other players in the market.

In our view, there are no other widely available, fully functional and comparable platforms with a higher level of security.

DeiC's report to DTU can be found at: https://www.deic.dk/en/news/2020-04-02/zoomfaq