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Torsten Dau

Torsten Dau

Head of Sections, Professor

Department of Health Technology

Technical University of Denmark

Ørsteds Plads

Building 352, room 120

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +4545 88 05 77
E-mail tdau@dtu.dk
ORCID 0000-0001-8110-4343

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16 JAN

New knowledge to help people with hidden hearing loss

Exposure to loud noise in the environment is causing nerve damage in the ears of ever more people. New research will enable diagnosing and treating such hearing loss in future.

Electrotechnology Sound Hearing aids Health and diseases
10 NOV

PhD degree successfully defended by Gerard Encina-Llamas

On November 7, Gerard Encina-Llamas successfully defended defend his PhD thesis "Characterizing cochlear hearing impairment using advanced electrophysiological methods".

Electrotechnology Sound Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases Artificial organs
29 MAY

Brain knowledge may solve cocktail party syndrome

Insight into the brain’s audio perception will revolutionize hearing aids of the future, enabling them to focus on the sounds the hearing-impaired want to hear.

Electrotechnology Sound Hearing aids
02 NOV

PhD degree successfully defended by Johannes Käsbach

On Tuesday October 25, PhD student Johannes Käsbach successfully defended his PhD thesis “Characterizing apparent source width perception.”

Electrotechnology Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems Sound
15 JAN

A technological playground of 64 loudspeakers

For Marton Marschall, a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen, the department of Electrical Engineering’s new audio-visual immersion lab (AVIL) is “a great technological playground” where he and fellow engineers from academia and industry can probe the mysteries of human hearing. KEF, the company...

Electrotechnology Sound Software and programming Hearing aids
12 NOV

PhD degree succesfully defended by Marton Marschall

On Thursday, November 6th, Marton Marschall successfully defended his PhD project titled "Capturing and reproducing realistic acoustic scenes for hearing research"

Sound Physiological modelling